How to upload multiple line items on a single order using the CSV upload

Posted by Rob Spivey on December 20, 2022

On the CSV Upload method for getting orders into Stream, it is possible to add multiple line items under one order (IE a single order containing multiple items).

Where an order has multiple line items, these should be listed as separate rows on the CSV file, however the same Order Number (Order_No Column) should be noted on each row, as this is what will tie multiple items to the same order.

For instance, an order with 5 item lines would look something like this:

1-Same Order Number

…with the individual items on the order listed under the respective columns like this:


Once you have filled out the relevant columns and uploaded your CSV file to Stream, you should have your full list of itemised goods shown on your order as seen in the screenshot below.


This is also what will be shown on the Proof of Delivery document for the customer, upon completion of the delivery.

If you are only using ONE Depot/Delivery Method, then the Item Stock Location field can be left blank and Stream will default this to your primary Depot/Delivery method on import. However if you are using multiple Depots/Delivery Methods, you will need to populate these columns with the respective Depot ID and Delivery Methods in your CSV upload.

For more help with getting your orders into Stream, check out our Creating, Importing & Uploading Orders help articles.

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