How do I confirm orders in Stream?

Posted by Joe Whitehurst on July 28, 2022

You need to confirm orders in Stream before they can be planned for delivery. 

This is required if:

  • Your orders haven’t been manually added into Stream (either via upload, integration or the API)
  • Your orders have been added by a business partner

Step 1: Locate your unconfirmed orders

To locate unconfirmed orders in your Stream account head to ‘Order Search’ from the main menu in the top right corner.

Click the ‘Search’ button and change the ‘Order Status’ drop down to show ‘Unconfirmed’.


Then click ‘Activate Search’

Step 2: Confirm your orders

There are two ways you can confirm your orders.

Method 1: Confirm orders on the Order Search Screen

The fastest and easiest way to confirm your orders, is by highlighting your unconfirmed orders on the ‘Order Search’ screen and then clicking ‘Actions’ and ‘Confirm’.


You can select all of the orders on this screen by single clicking the top order, then scrolling to the bottom and then hold ‘Shift’ and click the bottom order.

This will then display a message asking if you want to confirm ‘X no.’ of orders.


Click ‘Confirm’

The confirmed orders will now be available in Stream for planning.

Method 2: Confirm orders on the Order Details Screen

If you need to review each order individually, you can do this on the order details screen.

You can click into an order to view the ‘Order Details’ screen, and then either click ‘Confirm’ (Confirm and Close), or ‘Confirm and Next’ (Confirm and open the next order that needs confirming), at the bottom of the screen.


The confirmed orders will now be available in Stream for planning.

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