How can I upload orders into Stream?

Posted by Joe Whitehurst on July 28, 2022

It’s very simple to upload orders into Stream and this can be done using an CSV, XML or XLSX file format.

Step 1: Open the Stream Order Upload spreadsheet

During your Stream handover you will have been provided with the Stream Order Upload spreadsheet.

You do need to be aware that information needs to be entered into the columns in the correct formats for Stream to import your orders correctly.¬†You can learn about the correct column formats in our ‘What format should the columns be in when uploading orders‘ help article.

Open the spreadsheet in an editor such as Microsoft Excel, Numbers (Mac) or Google sheets.

Step 2: Add your orders to the spreadsheet

Add your order data into the appropriate columns, ensuring all order information has the correct format.

If you would like to have multiple items on an order, add an additional order row for each item.

Please ensure the order number at the start of the line is the same for each item that needs to go on the order.

Step 3: Save the Order Upload spreadsheet

Save the order order upload spreadsheet to your computer when you’re happy with the data.

Step 4: Upload the spreadsheet into Stream

From the main menu in the top right corner of Stream, head to ‘Order Upload’

Click ‘Choose File to Upload’ and locate the order upload spreadsheet that you’ve just saved.

Then click ‘Upload’.


Your orders will now be in Stream as ‘Unconfirmed Orders’. These will need to be confirmed before they’re available for planning.

For help confirming your orders, view our ‘How do I confirm orders in Stream‘ help article.

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