How can I create a custom check type?

Posted by Joe Whitehurst on July 27, 2022

In Stream you can create both custom check types/lists and individual custom checks. 

This is incredibly useful if you perform walkaround checks that have different requirements from the default ones we provide, or if you have vehicles that require their own unique set of checks. 

In this guide we’ll be showing you how to create custom check types. If instead you want to learn how to create individual custom checks, you can follow the guide for that here

Please note:
It is also possible to add/remove checks from the default ‘Pre Use Check’ type and customise it to suit your requirements, rather than creating a check from scratch. To do this, select the ‘Pre Use Check’ from the dropdown menu and then skip to Step 4 below!

Creating a custom check list/type

Step 1: Go to ‘Vehicle Types’

Go to the ‘Vehicle Types’ page in Stream (accessed through the main menu in the top right hand corner).


Step 2: Add a new ‘check type’

In the middle column under ‘Check Types’ click ‘Add’.


Add the name for this check type in the ‘Description’ field and then choose whether you want it to be enabled or not. 

It might make sense to disable the check until you have finished configuring it, otherwise it will become immediately available in the Stream Mobile App for drivers. 

Click ‘Save’.


Step 3: Select the vehicle you want to use this type of check

In the ‘Overview’ module on the left of the screen, select the vehicle that you want this check type to be used for and then in the ‘Check Types’ module, select the new check type that you have just created from the dropdown list. 


Step 4: Add the individual checks to the check type/checklist

In the central column, you can now move individual checks onto into this check type by using the drag and drop functionality.

In the example below, we’ve added the checks in alphabetical order, but you can use the drag and drop to place the checks in the order you would like your drivers to complete them in as this list order is reflected inside the Stream Mobile App. 


Step 5: Click save

Once you have finished adding all of the relevant checks to the check type/list, you can go ahead and click ‘Save’.


If you chose not to enable the check type earlier, you can click ‘Edit’ in the Check Types module and enable the check type

This will make the check type now available for drivers to select in the Stream Mobile App and perform on their vehicles. 


Editing the checks

If at any point you need to add/remove checks from this check type, simply select the check type from the drop down menu and drag and drop the relevant checks onto, or off, the checklist. Don’t forget to press ‘Save’ once you’ve finished making your changes!

Deleting or Disabling the Check Type

If you want to disable or delete the check type, simply select the check type from the drop down menu and then press ‘Edit’ in the Check Types module. Here you can untick the ‘Enabled’ option or delete the check type

If you want to learn how to create individual custom checks to add to your check types, you can find our support teams guide on how to that here.

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