Vehicle Bookings

How do I complete vehicle bookings?

Adding all of your vehicle bookings is great, but what happens once that date arrives? How do you complete vehicle bookings in Stream? Step 1: Go to ‘Vehicle Details’ T...

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How do I view vehicle bookings?

It’s really simple to view vehicle bookings in Stream, and there are a couple of different views you can see them in. Step 1: Go to the vehicle details screen Click the main...

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How do I add a vehicle booking?

You can add bookings to your vehicles in Stream to get automatic reminders when things like services, inspections and MOTs are due.  Step 1: Go to ‘Vehicle Details’ He...

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How do I create a vehicle booking type?

We include, by default, booking types for MOT, Service and inspection, however it is possible to create your own specific vehicle booking type that you can use on your vehicles in...

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