Devices & Operating Systems

Unsent Data in the Mobile App

Upon opening the Stream App, you may notice a round icon containing a number at the top-right of the screen, this icon indicates when there is ‘unsent data’ on the devi...

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How much data does the Stream mobile app use?

Data usage is something we get asked about quite often when it comes to our mobile app. This is something that varies from customer to customer, and depends entirely upon how much...

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Using Zebra Devices with Stream

Are you using Zebra devices with Stream? We’ve provided some useful information below to help you ensure your Zebra devices and barcodes are probably configured to be working...

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Which devices and operating systems (OS) does the Stream mobile app work on?

Operating Systems (OS): The Stream mobile app works on Android devices (download from Google Play) and Apple iOS devices (download from the App Store). While the app should work on...

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