Deliveries & Collections

How to move items between deliveries

Sometimes items in the same order have to be delivered in separate instances due to factors like capacity or availability. Stream allows you to easily move items between different...

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How can I add specific location instructions for drivers to a location/delivery address?

In Stream, we have fields for both Driver Notes and Location Instructions. Driver Notes are added to a specific order and once that order has been delivered/collected, the driver w...

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How do I manually mark orders as Delivered?

It is possible to manually mark orders as delivered within Stream. You may need to do this if: The driver made a mistake at the point of delivery and/or the order was marked as ...

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An order has been marked as ‘delivered’ by mistake

It is possible for a driver to incorrectly mark an item as delivered in the Stream mobile app, even though the item may not have been delivered. Step 1: Locate the order Use the se...

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