Creating Runs

How can I customise the columns in the ‘Unplanned’ list when creating a run?

We wanted to make it easier for you to decide what information you need to have visible in the ‘Unplanned’ section of the ‘Advanced Planning’ screen. This i...

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Why isn’t my order appearing on the map?

If an order isn’t appearing on the map in the Advanced Planning screen of Stream, it’s because the order isn’t showing up in the ‘Unplanned’ section....

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My order isn’t appearing in the Unplanned Order list in Advanced Planning

If your order isn’t appearing in the ‘Unplanned’ list of orders on the Advanced Planning screen, and you can’t understand why, there may be a few reasons wh...

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How do I view an old run?

You may have noticed that old runs in Stream aren’t immediately visible to you in the Runs section of the Advanced Planning screen, but don’t fear, that doesn’t m...

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What do the different colours mean on runs in Advanced Planning

See below for a list of what the different colours used on runs in the Advanced Planning screen in Stream mean. We’ll detail them in the order that their respected modules ap...

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Why can’t I optimise my run?

You may have found yourself wondering ‘Why can’t I optimise my run?’ in Stream. You can see the optimise button there, but it looks greyed out. What does that mea...

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Why can’t I select a driver in planning?

If you’ve been trying to create a run in Stream and you’ve found that it won’t let you select a certain driver for a run, this could be for a number of reasons. R...

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How can I move an order from an existing run onto a new run?

In Stream, you may want to take an order that’s already on an existing run and move it onto a new run. Step 1: Unload the order from the existing run Go to the Advanced Plann...

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Where can I see the order notes in planning?

When you’re on the Advanced Planning screen, you can view all order notes and events for each of your orders In both Unplanned Stops and Selected Run (Planned Stops) sections...

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