Confirming Orders

How do I manually mark orders as Delivered?

It is possible to manually mark orders as delivered within Stream. You may need to do this if: The driver made a mistake at the point of delivery and/or the order was marked as ...

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Do I have to confirm all orders manually?

Any orders than are being added to Stream via: Order Upload, Integration or API or are added by a business partner, do need to be confirmed in Stream before they’re available...

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How do I confirm orders in Stream?

You need to confirm orders in Stream before they can be planned for delivery.  This is required if: Your orders haven’t been manually added into Stream (either via upload, i...

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An order has been marked as ‘delivered’ by mistake

It is possible for a driver to incorrectly mark an item as delivered in the Stream mobile app, even though the item may not have been delivered. Step 1: Locate the order Use the se...

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How do I view unconfirmed orders in Stream?

Unconfirmed Orders in Stream are orders which have either been uploaded via a CSV, have been added to Stream by a business partner, added to Stream through an integration/API, or h...

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