Quick Overview of Stream Go & Stream Check

This video introduces the Stream software product suite, with Stream Go for logistics, transport & delivery management and Stream Check for vehicle maintenance & driver management. Stream is cloud-based and accessed via the internet in a browser.



Stream Go: Effectively manage deliveries, collections, orders, vehicles & drivers

Stream Go delivers:

  • Intelligent map-based route & planning optimisation
  • Electronic proof of delivery & collection
  • Mobile driver app
  • Bar code scanning
  • Real-time driver tracking
  • Self-service customer and partner portal
  • Proactive updates via email & SMS
  • Progress Monitor: at a glance overview of runs, deliveries & collections
  • Electric ‘green’ fleet route optimisation
  • Vehicle and driver management
  • Easy integrations with back office / accounting / ERP systems. The system integrates with Brightpearl, Veeqo, Sage and Infor, or data can be imported from Excel.

Route planning, scheduling & optimisation

Stream Go’s route optimisation is powered by Google Maps.

Once the route is planned, emails or text messages are sent to customers with a tracking link. Delivery time can be accepted (or rescheduled), and the ETA is available to view.

In the planning module, you can track vehicle positions versus routes, and view live traffic. You can also get email notifications and see status updates in real-time.

Route planning & scheduling can be local or centralised. You can see resources, drivers & vehicles for every depot in a single view. Orders can be automatically allocated to a depot and goods can easily be trunked between depots.

The progress monitor is designed to run on a TV or monitor on the wall of your office. It continually refreshes, giving an at-a-glance overview of current orders and runs.

Order management & search

View orders, delivery dates and status in the order list. From here, you can quickly search and find any order, using any combination of search criteria. Find the order you want in the search results and click to view more information and download a PDF order summary.

You can also extract search results into excel as a report.

Emails or texts can be sent to customers with a tracking link. Customers can accept or reschedule their slot.

Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD)

Capture proof of delivery using the driver app, available on Android, Apple or ruggedised Zebra devices.

Once routes are planned & confirmed goods can be loaded onto the vehicle. The driver can launch Google Maps to navigate their run.

Track vehicle positions versus routes. Get notifications & status updates in real-time.

Drivers make their delivery, capturing ePOD data using the driver app, scanning barcoded goods and collecting photos & signatures.

The tracking module is updated in real-time & the ePOD is available online. When the goods have been delivered, the driver can continue on their run.

Stream Check: Efficiently manage vehicle & equipment inspections, maintenance & compliance.

Keep your vehicles roadworthy and compliant. Stream Check can integrate with Stream Go and includes:

  • Mobile driver App
  • Record multiple checks against vehicles, i.e. daily walkaround checks; pre-use & first use checks; handover checks; and end-of-use checks
  • Defect reporting & notifications
  • Defect & issue tracking management & audit trail
  • Create preventative maintenance schedules
  • Vehicle service & maintenance management
  • Vehicle inspection history
  • Engineer’s App.

Driver’s walkaround checks & inspections with defect reporting & management

Drivers login and perform their walkaround checks / inspections. Defects are reported and recorded via the app.

Get notifications when a defect is reported. View details immediately & order parts in advance. Assess the defect, add estimated resolution dates & get vehicles back on the road as soon as possible

Back-office application

There are two key modules in Stream Check’s back-office application:

  • Vehicle details module In the vehicle details module, you can get an overview of all vehicles, including check and defect history, check details and bookings. You can easily search and view vehicles, defects or bookings, and export those into an excel spreadsheet for reporting and analysis.
  • Driver details module Get an overview of all drivers, including driver availability, licence categories and licence details, in the driver details module