Reporting and Managing Defects

Defect reporting and management is part of Stream Check, fleet management software. It enables fleet operators of any size and any type to:

Report vehicle, plant machinery & equipment defects

  • Defects are reported via the app, with proactive notifications sent to management & maintenance teams.

Record vehicle, plant machinery & equipment defects

  • Capture details, notes and photos about every defect, and access defect history for reporting and compliance purposes.

Resolve vehicle, plant machinery & equipment defects

  • With a simple triage when defects are first reported, and tracking all defects through to resolution.



Using Stream Check to report & manage defects

Defect reporting and management

  • Record checks & capture defect details in the App
  • No more paper checks to cause delays or get lost in the system
  • Be notified when a new defect is reported.
  • View details immediately & order parts in advance
  • Put clear processes in place for defect reporting, control & management
  • Ensure vehicles and / or equipment is safe & compliant, and that they ultimately spend less time out of operation.

How to report & manage defects in Stream Check

  • Defects are recorded in the app and details are captured
  • A defect email is received
  • In the vehicle details module, you can:
    • Select the vehicle and / or equipment & view the defect
    • Select the defect to view more details:
      • Add an estimated resolution date
      • Resolve a defect
      • Defects can also be resolved in the app
    • Search for defects. For example:
      • Search for defects resolved in the past week
      • Find all vehicles and / or equipment with defects matching that search
      • Select a vehicle and / or equipment to view the defects

Benefits of reporting & managing defects with Stream Check

  • No more paper checks to get lost or delayed
  • Get notified whenever a new defect is reported
  • View defect details immediately and order parts in advance
  • Put clear processes in place for defect recording, control and management
  • Ensure vehicles and / or equipment are safe and ultimately spend less time off the road or out of service.

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