Which devices and operating systems (OS) does the Stream mobile app work on?

Posted by Rob Spivey on October 24, 2022

Operating Systems (OS):

The Stream mobile app works on Android devices (download from Google Play) and Apple iOS devices (download from the App Store).

While the app should work on most Android or Apple devices, for security reasons there are certain devices we recommend your drivers to use.

Recommended Devices:

We recommend using devices where the OS is still currently receiving security updates.

  • For Android, a list of these devices can be found here
  • For iOS, a list of these devices can be found here

The app may work on older OS versions of both Android and iOS devices, and we will endeavour to support as many as possible, however there is no guarantee that older devices will be supported.

The Stream mobile app also works on rugged handheld ePOD devices such as Zebra & Honeywell, which can be used for improved scanning capabilities.

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