Where can I see the order notes in planning?

Posted by Rob Spivey on July 20, 2022

When you’re on the Advanced Planning screen, you can view all order notes and events for each of your orders

In both Unplanned Stops and Selected Run (Planned Stops) sections of Advanced Planning, each order will have a small information symbol next to the order number.

Hovering over this symbol will display a few details about that particular order.


Click on the the ‘i’ symbol to view all events and order notes for that particular order.

On the popup screen you will also be able to add a new note to that order.


You will have three visibility options when adding the note:

  • Private – Visible to all the main users on your Stream account
  • Internal – Visible to all main users as well as any one listed as a business partner
  • Public – Visible to all main users, business partners, as well as the customer in the ‘Events’ section on their unique tracking link.

Type in the notes and Click ‘Add Note’ to confirm and add the note to the order.

Once the note has been added, it will be visible in the Events section of the order and visible to the relevant people based on the setting you selected above.

Please Note:
You can also access the same popup window for Orders that are shown in the ‘Selected Run’ module on the Advanced Planning screen


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