How do I add a user to a business partner account?

Posted by Rob Spivey on January 5, 2023

Follow this guide to learn how to add a user to a business partner account in Stream. 

If you need help adding Business Partners in Stream, check out our guide here.

Step 1: Go to ‘Business Partners’

From the main menu in the top right hand corner of Stream, click ‘Business Partners’.

Step 2: Select the Business Partner

In the ‘Overview’ module, select the Business Partner that you would like to add a new user to.


Step 3: Tick the ‘Allow Users?’

Tick the ‘Allow Users’ checkbox in the Users module to allow users to be added to this business partner account.


Step 4: Click ‘Add’ in the ‘Users’ module

Once you have ticked the ‘Allow Users’ box in the previous step, an add button will appear in the Users module. Click ‘Add’.


Step 5: Enter the new user’s details

In the popup window that appears, enter the details for the new user, including:

  • Party (The business partner’s party)
  • Name
  • Profile (Username)
  • Email
  • User type
  • Join date

Please note: the ‘Profile’ will be automatically populated as you enter the user’s name and is required to start with the 3 letter prefix for your company account, however the last 7 characters can be edited after you’ve entered the user’s name.

Step 6: Save the new user

When you’ve finished adding the user’s information, click ‘Save’.

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