Earlier in the month we released a host of new features, changes and beta releases including customising the reason for delivery status, updates to product maintenance and the addition of notes to drivers. You can read about those changes here.

Changes to the Stream API

  • Allow default of a delivery method through Item POST
  • Alternate emails API order GET update
  • Receive additional/alternate email addresses through the Public API
  • Add location reference to orders API
  • API item POST to take item consolidation into account
  • Allow API order address and contact updating.


Updates to reporting available in Stream

  • Show email and mobile number on stop export report
  • Add stop number to label in portrait mode
  • New Loading List extract in planning.


Changes to route optimisation & load planning

  • Autoplan calculation update for satellite stops
  • Close runs fix for issues in certain browsers
  • Order slot warning on unrouted runs when using ‘Close All’ button
  • Masters for trunk routes should remove end date
  • Prevent changing delivery method when resetting selected dates
  • Driver skills and services planning validation added.


Additions to order management

  • Add search on ‘Service Levels’ in order search
  • Item Consolidation via order upload
  • Default On hand date for order live dates.


Other updates

  • Driver mobile App: run stops unavailable in driver app
  • Security updates
  • Customer service: allow alternate email address per party
  • Internal: account generation country update
  • Order tracking: street view map to show delivery location update
  • Walkaround checks: Save checks on vehicle type update
  • Settings: numeric party mappings min/max values
  • Products: minor updates added to product maintenance
  • Users: enable removal of Users & Drivers Documents
  • Prevent logging message from Progress Monitor
  • Prevent SMS text setup error
  • Beta release: phase one of new email configuration
  • Print labels on save update
  • Delivery live date clearing update
  • Upload error on weight division update.