What you can expect from our June 2023 release in Stream

New features and improvements for the mobile app. Here’s everything you can expect this month when Stream’s June release lands:

Release Date:

calendar-24pxFriday 9th June 2023

Mobile App

Drivers Can Now Add Internal Notes in the App 4061


We’ve added an option that can be turned on to allow drivers to add a note on the app, when completing a stop, that appears as an internal event on the order and will not be visible on the customer tracking screen. This setting can be turned on from the ‘Mobile App’ tab of the ‘Settings’ screen.

Automatically Scroll to the Next Stop 3054


The mobile app will now automatically scroll the next stop on the run when returning to the list of stops

Unsent Data Indicator in the Mobile App 3922,4310


We’ve added a new icon to the top right of the mobile app, which shows a driver whether there is ‘unsent’ data currently being held in the app. Unsent data occurs if a driver captures information using the app, but due to an issue with their data connection, for instance, this hasn’t been able to be passed back to Stream. 

Find out more about unsent data and how to resolve it in our helpful guide.

Unsent Data in the Mobile App >


  • Streamline ‘Delivery Failed’ processing for drivers in the mobile app 4018
  • Streamline the process of adding an item to a collection in the mobile app 4019


  • No additional security updates


  • Increased the connection timeout in the mobile app to cater for poor signal or connection 4029

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