Always load the right goods onto your vehicles

Manage, track and ensure you’re handling the right goods with improved barcode scanning

Anyone using Stream Go with barcoded goods labels can ensure you get the right goods loaded and unloaded from the vehicle, by scanning barcodes at every stage of the delivery process.

What’s new about scanning goods on and off vehicles?

While you’ve always been able to scan barcoded goods as part of proof of delivery and/or collection in Steam Go, we’ve now improved the process of scanning on and off vehicles too.

This update gives you the ability to scan all the goods for any run onto or off a vehicle, meaning:

  • Reduced the likelihood of delivery issues – No more lost or missing goods, as they’re scanned onto each vehicle and mistakes or errors are flagged in real-time and resolved during loading
  • Early notification of issues – as you’ll be alerted during loading if an item is missing and can quickly take steps to mitigate any issues
  • Improved traceability – as goods are scanned on and off every vehicle
  • Improved visibility over trunked goods – As goods are not only scanned onto the vehicle to be trunked to another depot but scanned back off again at the other end, you have full traceability over goods as they move through your delivery system

Scan on

Scan goods onto vehicles, both for trunking and for regular deliveries.

Scanning goods onto vehicles at the start of the run reduces the chances of the wrong goods being loaded, or goods being missed from loading, so customer satisfaction is improved and you have early notification of any issues that do occur.

Scan off

Previously, when goods were trunked to another depot, there was no record of them having arrived. Now, however, you’ll be able to scan goods off the vehicle when they’re trunked to a new depot, it’s easy to keep track of all goods throughout your operation.

How scanning goods on and off vehicles works:

In the app, select ‘depot scanning’. If the option doesn’t appear in your app, you’ll need to contact Support to configure barcode scanning on and off vehicles.

Then select either ‘scan on vehicle’ for trunked goods or regular deliveries being loaded onto the vehicle or ‘scan off vehicle’ for trunked goods being removed from the vehicle.

Finally, select the run that you’re scanning goods on or off the vehicle for, then select ‘start scanning’.

Scan barcodes on the goods using the inbuilt scanner on a Zebra device. Alternatively, barcodes can be scanned using the camera on your smartphone (this works best in landscape).

Scan all the items as you load them onto or off from the vehicle – a warning is given if you try to scan an item which has already been scanned, or items are missing.

Finally, you can mark scanning as complete, and an audit trail of the scans will be created, or notifications sent for missing items.