Adjusting quantities at the point of delivery or collection for bulk deliveries

For bulk haulage businesses, it can be difficult at the point of ordering to know the exact amount of product that needs to be delivered or collected.

With this latest release of Stream Go, drivers can adjust quantities in the driver mobile App at the point of delivery or collection, to exactly match the actual metered quantity dispensed or collected.

This functionality is particularly useful for businesses that don’t know the exact quantity to be delivered (or collected) upfront, for example  fuel oil, bulk liquids, pellets, aggregates or logs. It adds flexibility, as the correct information can be logged as and when the delivery or collection is made, so everyone (drivers, operational staff and customers) has real-time visibility.

The benefits of the new ‘Adjust’ feature are twofold: drivers make fewer mistakes, as amounts are recorded at the point of delivery or collection and photos can be captured of the meter, so there is no doubt that the correct quantity has been recorded.

Additionally, back-office operational staff no longer have to spend resources chasing numbers from drivers and manually adding them to the system when the driver returns from a run. This also means that inventory has up-to-the-moment accuracy and that the billing cycle can be started as soon as the goods have been delivered.

How does the ‘Adjust’ feature benefit your business?

In our example below, our customer has ordered 200 kg of pellets to be delivered (this could quite easily be 200 litres of fuel oil, or even simply ‘fill up my tank’). 

The driver leaves the depot with a their complete load. When they arrive at the customer’s premises, the driver actually meters in the delivery as 198 kg. In the app, the driver can now select the ‘Adjust’ button and amend the order from the expected quantity to the actual quantity – in this case 198 kg.

Drivers can then go through the same proof of delivery capture process to collect signatures, photographs (including one of the meter) and any relevant notes to complete the order.Adjusting quantities at the point of delivery or for bulk deliveries

Back in Stream, the original order has been updated to include a record of the adjustment in ‘Order Events’ and the actual quantity delivered for billing purposes.

To add the ‘Adjust’ feature,  please contact Stream support by emailing