Please note: Changes to how you select orders and interact with Stream

For many users, the first thing you’ll probably notice with the new release is how you select orders and ‘drill’ into them. Rather than a single click, you will need to double click onto an order to go into it.

This minor change has enabled us to add the functionality described below, which makes processing orders and planning runs quicker and easier.


Making it quicker and easier to manage orders and runs

It is now easier than ever to plan, optimise and manage delivery and collection scenarios in Stream Go with the introduction of multi-select planning and order processing.

Stream’s latest release enables you to select and process a number of orders with the ability to confirm, print or cancel in bulk in Order Search.

And you’ll be able to plan selected orders or select a group of orders directly from the map in Planning using the new area drawing tool.

For orders in a particular delivery and / or collection run, you’ll also be able to selectively plan a few orders and optimise them independently.

  • Dynamic route optimisation
  • Multi-select processing
  • Set and group-based actions
  • Map-based multi-selections
  • Powerful new print, email and confirm options.

This functionality provides you with greater flexibility in your planning and order processing, while at the same time enabling you to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively. Scenarios where multi-select planning can be used are numerous, but here’s just a couple to illustrate.



If you need to print proof delivery PDFs from a number of orders:

  1. Within Order Search select the order(s) you’d like the PODs for
  2. Select the Action button and then Print
  3. You can then choose the type of print, such as Order Summary for POD details.

If you need to quickly plan a group of orders, you can:

  1. Within planning select a number of Unplanned order(s) using the multi-select facility (Click + Ctrl or Click + Shift)
  2. Select Load to add them to the run
  3. Optimise those orders

You need to plan a multi-day run, which requires a planned overnight stop:

  1. Within planning insert a planned stop for an overnight stop
  2. Select all the orders from the top of the run up to, but not including, the overnight stop e.g. Day 1 stops)
  3. Optimise those orders
  4. To plan the second day, select the remaining orders, up to (but not including) the overnight stop
  5. Optimise those orders

This method can be repeated for runs with more than one overnight stop. It can also be used to add a collection point part way through a run.

CTRL and SHIFT selections

Use the control and shift keys on your keyboard to quickly select orders which need an action carrying out against them, for example send emails to customers for those particular orders, re-order orders on a run, or cancel orders in bulk.

  • Shift + Click allows you to select multiple / group of orders that are sequential, i.e. deliveries 2 – 6
  • CTRL + Click allows you to select multiple orders that are anywhere on your list, not necessarily in sequential order, i.e. deliveries 4, 7 and 10 on a particular run.

Area drawing tool

Stream’s area drawing tool enables you to quickly and easily select orders straight from the map in advanced planning. You can use the tool to draw multiple areas, or simply select orders in a single area.

multi-select planning route optimisation