Optional Add-Ons that can you help you get even more out of your Stream subscription

Check out some of the current add-ons available for you to add to your Stream Subscription.

As Stream grows, we’ll continue to offer additional features and add-ons to improve your experience and increase the benefits you receive while using Stream, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the latest additions.


Stream Analytics

Get access to the Stream KPIs you want, inside the tools that you use. Connect your Stream account with your business intelligence tools to understand your operation in greater detail, measure KPIs and drive real improvement.


SMS Notifications

Add SMS notifications to Stream to give you the ability to send customised text messages to 150+ countries around the world, keeping your customers informed and reducing the chances of failed deliveries.


Turn GPS Navigation

Turn-by-turn GPS navigation mobile app for HGVs and Commercial Vehicles. Turn has been designed to provide safer, compliant navigation for drivers and prevent vehicles being directed down unsuitable routes.

Stream Forms

Inspections, checklists, risk assessments, servicing information and many more paper-based forms can be replaced digitally in our mobile app with the Stream Forms add-on for your existing Stream subscription. 


Data Retention

Extend your data retention beyond 18 months. Need to keep information on every order, proof of delivery or walkaround check beyond the standard 18-month term? You can retain data for up to 6 years and recall it easily should the need arise.


Handheld ePOD Devices

Rugged handheld delivery devices, provide the perfect solution for your logistics and delivery operations. Designed and built to last all day, surviving multiple drops and providing superior performance in difficult conditions.