What is transport software?

Managing the logistics process manually can be overwhelming.

Enter: Stream Go transport software.

It helps you to manage your deliveries, vehicles and orders, streamlining the delivery and collection process for businesses with their own vehicles.

Here are some key features of transport software like Stream Go:

  • Intelligent route optimisation (Plan and optimise multi-drop delivery & collection routes taking locations, traffic, total route times & vehicle capabilities into account)
  • Mobile driver app (Smartphone apps enable the capture of signatures, pictures & notes for Proof of Delivery. Track driver location, monitor delivery status & receive instant notifications)
  • Proactive communication (Provide customer communications right through the order-to-delivery process. Keep on top of customer service issues with a range of automated notifications)
  • Progress monitor (See an at-a-glance overview of current runs, deliveries & collections. Quickly and easily spot potential issues and take proactive steps to solve them before they escalate)
  • Vehicle maintenance  (Integrate with Stream Check to ensure the safety and compliance of your fleet, from driver daily walkaround checks to inspection scheduling and secure, electronic record-keeping)
  • Order management  (quickly search & find any order using any combination of criteria)

So, what can Stream Go & transport software do for you?

  • Route optimisation saves money, as well as reducing fuel and CO2 emissions by cutting down time spent on the road
  • Proactive notifications improve customer service by keeping customers and partners in the loop about their delivery status at all times
  • Real-time driver tracking means you’re always in control, as you know exactly where your drivers are, with an overview of all delivery statuses
  • Reduce planning time and be more efficient. With automated route planning, time spent planning routes and runs is vastly reduced and can be spent on high-value business-growth tasks instead.

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