What is Electronic Proof of Delivery?

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Electronic Proof of Delivery, or ePOD, is the digital capture of a signature or photograph which is usually time, date and location ‘stamped’ via a hand-held device. By capturing signatures and photographs, electronic Proof of Delivery helps to prove that an item was satisfactorily delivered to a customer – and record any failed deliveries.

In transport and delivery management, ePOD is an essential part of the order-to-delivery lifecycle, offering time and financial savings to retailers, wholesalers and distributors of goods. Deliveries are made faster, paperwork is reduced, and disputes are solved quickly and easily.

Why do I need electronic proof of delivery?

Reduce paperwork

So, why electronic POD? Taking proof of delivery electronically, on a handheld device, will reduce, or potentially eliminate, the paperwork involved in this part of the order-to-delivery lifecycle. You’re not just saving the planet: you’re saving the cost of printing, saving the admin time spent entering data and searching for paperwork, and saving the risk of loss or damage to that all-important signed paper proof-of-delivery. Know that your back-office staff will always have immediate access to the proof-of-delivery document, from the moment it is entered into your drivers’ device.

Speed up delivery time

Will ePOD really cut time from your deliveries? Of course it will: drivers no longer have to search for the paperwork, no longer have to search for a pen, and can quickly and accurately record damage with time-stamped photos, instead of writing down a subjective description. By building proof of delivery directly into the device drivers use for route-optimisation and communication, the whole process is sped up and streamlined.

Avoid and quickly settle delivery disputes

The key reason for ePOD? Proof of delivery is essential to avoid and settle disputes about whether your customers received their goods, and what condition the goods were in. whether that customer is a consumer taking delivery of their new sofa, a store taking delivery of 20 cases of new stock, or a car dealership taking delivery of two brand new Porche cars, you need your driver, and your customer, to be absolutely clear and in agreement about those items, at the point of delivery, to offer excellent service to your customers.

Customers can view their ePODs in real-time, via the customer gateway, and can receive notification of this via email or SMS

STREAM integrates all the functionality of electronic proof of delivery into the driver app for our award-winning delivery and transport management system. We recommend Zebra Technologies‘s TC56 and TC55 of ruggedised touch mobile computers specifically for use with STREAM


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