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Equip your drivers with a powerful Mobile Driver App to capture ePOD

The STREAM Mobile Driver App is a mobile app, available on Android devices, that is part of the STREAM delivery and transport management system.

The app is used by delivery drivers, to receive details of their next run and delivery, easily communicate their location and delivery status to end customers and back-office staff and collect ePODs (electronic proofs of delivery)

ePODs gather accurate delivery details, include a signature, photos, barcode scanning, GPS location, and time- and date- stamps. This ePOD information can then be sent immediately to the customer and securely stored a cloud-based system, so that queries and disputes can be solved quickly, clearly and easily.

How can the STREAM Mobile Driver App Improve your Customer service?

Traditionally, proof of delivery has been collected on paper forms, before being transported back to the office and filed. Collecting proof of delivery on paper is a pricey, time-consuming and often inaccurate method.

Paper proofs of delivery are easily lost and damaged. The time it takes to return them to the office usually results in a lengthy invoicing cycle, and can make it difficult for a back-office team to respond promptly to questions from the customer. Even with a returned paper proof of delivery, there is no real proof that goods were delivered in perfect condition, making it easy for customers to raise issues and for disputes to drag on and become either a costly way to satisfy customers or a quick way to lose customer loyalty.

Collecting electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) removes that costly and messy paperwork (and the administration costs associated with it), giving customers clear visibility of their orders, and giving a fast and clear-cut resolution to potential disputes.

How does the STREAM Mobile Driver App with ePOD work?

First, plan and confirm a run and a route in STREAM planning screen. Runs can be amended at any time.

The driver then logs into the app, selects their run and departs. The app gives the driver each stop, including address, order details, and notes from or about the customer.

At each delivery the driver collects ePOD using the app. This may include scanning a unique barcode label, taking signatures, and recording photos. These activities are accurately time- and date- stamped, and the precise location is logged via GPS.

End customers and back-office staff receive notification of delivery events and exceptions in real-time, with all the details to hand. Now, questions from customers are reduced, and can be answered quickly and accurately when they do occur.

The app tracks the driver in real-time, via GPS. Customers can see in advance exactly when their delivery is expected to arrive, and back-office staff never need to call the driver to find out where they are. The mobile driver app also allows drivers to easily send and receive communications from your customers and back-office staff: If a customer adds a note to leave their parcel in the garage the driver will receive it as soon as they open the app. Drivers are able to launch phone calls and messages from in the app too, for example, if they can't locate the address, the driver can contact the customer directly, instead of phoning the office and waiting for a call-back.

The STREAM Mobile Driver App helps you to keep customers in the loop, by accurately collecting, disseminating and storing all the information you need to, about every delivery event.

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