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Send delivery details to customers via email and text message

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Delivery Details Sent Straight to Customers via Text or Email

Proactively send delivery details, including accurate delivery time estimates, confirmation of delivery address and notification of successful or failed delivery, to keep your customers informed at every step of the journey.

Emails and SMS text messages are sent automatically, based on specific order and delivery events. Customers have greater visibility over orders, leading to fewer questions, and faster responses where questions do occur.

Notifications can be sent to your customers, to their end customers and directly to you and your team so that everyone is always armed with the information they need, when they need it.

Why send SMS and Email Updates?

In an ever-connected world, with immediate status updates, and the rise and rise of online shopping and convenient delivery, customers now expect to be kept up to speed about their order status, in real-time.

In fact, according to information cited in this blog post, 59% of online shoppers would rather receive a text about their delivery than any other form of communication.

In the absence of clearly communicated delivery information, customers can get confused and angry. We've all been there, waiting in for a delivery with a vague time estimate that seems like it will never arrive.

Customer service and back office staff end up fielding calls, searching through emails and trying to contact drivers to find out exactly when the customer can expect their delivery.

It would be much easier if customers received proactive notifications, with accurate delivery times, throughout the process.

How to send delivery emails and texts to customers

With STREAM's delivery and transport management software, it is simple to set up automatic delivery notifications to everyone who needs the information, be that your customers, your customers' customers, or your back-office staff.

You can set up unlimited emails to go out, triggered by any delivery event. For example, the customer could receive an email when the delivery run is set and they are given a two-hour delivery window; when theirs is the next delivery and the arrival time is much more accurate (thinks to the STREAM mobile driver app; and when the order is either delivered (complete with ePOD images, signature, timestamp, and GPS location) or delivery is failed (with images, GPS location, and timestamp).

Giving the customer this level of accurate information, as soon as it is available, vastly reduces the scope for disputes, and helps to resolve them quickly, if they do happen.

Customers can quickly communicate via written messages that go to your back office staff. For example, if the delivery address is inaccurate, or if they'd prefer the order be left in the shed, that information can be communicated via the customer tracking screen in real-time. Staff are no longer plagued by phone calls, and those they do receive can be dealt with quickly and confidently.

By communicating with your customer, and arming them with the information they need, you are able to offer a better level of customer service, whilst cutting down the time and resources actually spent on customer service.

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