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Improve customer satisfaction whilst reducing the resources spent dealing directly with customers

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Give Customers Direct Access to Delivery Information via the Self-Service Customer Gateway

Give your customers and partners direct and immediate access to information about their deliveries, orders and collections.

The STREAM self-service customer gateway is a web-based portal which can be accessed by your customers.

Customers can view their orders and deliveries, and you can give them permission to add, amend and cancel orders and delivery details where required.

How can you keep customers informed (and happy) at every stage of delivery?

With only vague, limited, one-way information about their orders and deliveries (or worse, no information at all), customers, partners, and suppliers are likely to pick up the phone to speak to your team.

Inevitably, this leads to wasted resources, as your back-office staff hunt for information and relay it back.

One of the easiest ways to keep customers, partners, and suppliers happy is to give them all the vital information they need, letting them stay in control of their own orders and deliveries, and arming them with real-time information throughout the order-to-delivery management process.

How STREAM's self-service customer gateway works:

Your customers, partners, and suppliers can each be set up with their own unique login details.

Each login will display only the information relevant to that company. Essentially, every partner can only view and amend their own orders.

Different customers, partners, and suppliers can each be given different levels of authorisation via their login. This means that, for example, longstanding customers in a strong partnership with your company may be able to add, amend and cancel their own orders, but smaller, one-off customers may only be able to add their own orders, with changes and cancellations having to go through your back-office staff. You are in control of the permissions assigned to each login.

Different actions in the self-service customer gateway can trigger different notifications: a new order may go to your sales team to process, or an extra item added to an existing delivery may go straight to the warehouse to pick and pack, and a last-minute cancellation may go to your customer service team to follow up.

Customers, partners and suppliers can also access a complete view of the order-to-delivery process via the customer gateway, giving them better sight of their incoming inventory and orders, and empowering them to directly respond to queries from their own customers, instead of having to go through a lengthy process of phone calls and following up with your team.

The self-service customer gateway from STREAM gives customers, partners, and suppliers the flexibility of managing their own orders and complete visibility of their deliveries in real-time. Your customers are empowered to take control, and your back-office staff are freed up to focus resources elsewhere.

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