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Intelligent routing & planning optimisation


  • Optimises delivery and collection routes taking locations, traffic, total route times and vehicle capabilities into account, allowing quick resource allocation and resulting in faster and more efficient routing.
  • Multi-drop, multi-depot and multi-vehicle route planning ensures maximum utilisation across your entire operation.
  • Customers can view the progress of their delivery in real-time via the gateway, meaning that they always know where their order is.


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STREAM delivery and transport management software features map based route planner


Electronic Proof Of Delivery & Collection


  • Easily capture electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) and collection using the mobile driver app.
  • Electronically record signatures, photographs and notes stamped with the time, date and location for successful deliveries and collections, as well as recording missed deliveries, and deliveries with issues.
  • Your customers and back-office staff receive the notifications they need in real-time, and records are securely stored in the cloud.


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Logistics software electronic proof of delivery & collection


Mobile Driver App


  • Smartphone apps enable the capture of signatures and pictures as electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) and collection.
  • Track driver location, monitor delivery status, and receive instant notification of delivery and collection events and exceptions.
  • Clear and Intuitive user interface for drivers ensures data is captured consistently.
  • Eliminate paperwork and significantly reduce administration.
  • Works offline where there is no signal.


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STREAM delivery and transport management software features delivery pda systems


Focused on Customer Service


  • Designed to enhance customer experience and help you deliver best-in-class customer service.
  • Reduce the risk of failed deliveries and collections by providing customers with estimated delivery and collection times once you’ve finalised route planning - with the ability to optionally allow customers to accept a time slot or reschedule.
  • Automated, real-time, two-way communications keep customers and partners informed at every step of the delivery and collection process.
  • Self-service customer tracking portal improves visibility and significantly reduces inbound phone calls.
  • Greater visibility and fewer disputes mean happier customers, which leads to more repeat business.


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Logistics management software features customer service approach


Proactive email and SMS updates


  • Minimise the risk of failed deliveries and improve customer satisfaction with automated email and SMS text notifications, including estimated delivery times.
  • Provide customer communications right through the order-to-delivery process based on user-defined trigger events.
  • Keep on top of customer service issues immediately with a range of automated notifications, for example if scheduled runs start late or a delivery has failed.


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STREAM delivery and transport management software features email and SMS updates


Self-service customer Gateway


  • Make it easy for your partners to do business with you by giving control and real-time information throughout the order-to-delivery process.
  • Provide real-time intelligence for partners on their specific deliveries, vehicles and orders.
  • Enable partners to keep track of every job, receive proactive notifications and retrieve critical information such as proof of delivery or collection.
  • Range of self service reports and the ability to download to Excel.
  • Complete view of every order enabling the answering of the majority of queries immediately.
  • Issues can be dealt with quickly and more efficiently with no call back or a time consuming hunt for information.


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STREAM delivery and transport management software features customer gateway


Back office integrations


  • STREAM seamlessly integrates with your back office system in real-time resulting in reduced admin time, minimal order errors, fewer tracking enquiries and reduced customer issues.
  • Deliver a complete retail ERP system by integrating with Brightpearl.
  • Integrate order, inventory and shipping management with Veeqo.
  • Delivery and transport management module for Sage 50 and Sage 200.
  • Web-based sales order processing for Infor LX and Infor BPCS.
  • Can't see your back office or accounting system listed? Contact us - we're always happy to discuss integrating STREAM with new platforms.


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STREAM delivery and transport management software features integrations


Zebra Rugged Mobile Devices


  • The STREAM Mobile Driver App and Driver Daily Walkaround Check App can be used on Zebra Technologies' ruggedised touch mobile computers.
  • Advanced scanning performance: in-built, fast high quality scanner.
  • Built for challenging environments: drop, spill and tumble proof.
  • Optional five and three-year, no quibble replacement warranties depending on device.
  • Zebra devices have all the functionality of a consumer-grade smartphone, plus managed upgrades and app restrictions improve device stability.
  • Extended battery life, for example the TC56 battery life is 14 hours - enough for any shift.
  • We recommend using Zebra TC56 or TC55 rugged devices for logistics & transportation companies.


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Logistics software Zebra rugged PDA devices


Vehicle Maintenance Management


  • Simple to configure different vehicle types, and add additional industry- company- or vehicle- specific checks.
  • Get real-time notifications of vehicle issues, non-completion and even MOT due dates.
  • Closes the loop between driver daily walkaround checks, maintenance team and overall fleet management.
  • Can be used as a standalone application but also integrates with STREAM’s planning system to give a single interface, with some additional features that are only available when using both together.
  • The vehicle management system feeds vehicle availability data into the planning screen; and failed or incomplete checks can block a driver from accessing and setting off for their planned run in the STREAM Mobile Driver App.


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Fleet maintenance & safety management software


Driver Daily Walkaround Checks


  • Integral part of STREAM’s powerful vehicle maintenance management software.
  • Easy-to-use Android mobile app makes it simple for HGV, LGV and PSV drivers to complete their daily walkaround checks and report defects to stay DVSA-compliant, and roadworthy.
  • Now available on Google Play.


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STREAM delivery and transport management software features driver daily walkaround check app




An agile and flexible application, we use our knowledge of the logistics sector and listen to the specific requirements of our customers to regularly add new features and functionality to our software.

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STREAM delivery and transport management software features new features

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