User-friendly look & feel

Both Stream Go delivery software and Stream Check inspection software have a simple user interface, making them nice to use and easy to learn.

By making the user interface so simple and easy to use, managing your deliveries, orders, vehicles & inspections with Stream can be an enjoyable activity.

Both the driver mobile App and the back-office application have been designed from the start to deliver an intuitive user experience, so getting new users trained is a doddle.

We also make continuous improvement to both the mobile App and desktop application from customer and user feedback to make the experience even better.

User-friendly look & feel

Both Stream Go and Stream Check deliver:

  • An intuitive user interface
  • Easy training and onboarding for new users
  • Enable users to perform tasks quickly and easily – with consistently high quality.

Stream delivers a similar experience to the apps and tools you’re used to, which makes it easy to use Stream right from day one. As onboarding is fast, simple and intuitive you can quickly get started with minimum effort.

Stream is a cloud-based system, so there’s no software to install or maintain.

Stream integrates easily with your existing back-office systems, like BrightpearlVeeqoSage and Infor, as well as imports from Excel.

Stream also adapts to multiple screen sizes, so you can use the back office system on dual monitors, single screens, laptops, tablets, and even on mobile.

Get an overview and then drill down to lists, maps, street view, timestamps, GPS location stamps, signatures, photos, notes and more. Stream Check has the same level of drill-down detail for drivers and vehicles.

Stream lets you take control and comfortably answer questions from customers, partners or auditors as soon as they arise, with the fewer screen open and no retyping required.

Stream offers immediacy, with simple direct links from notifications to viewing results and taking action, so problems can be resolved faster.