Complete Your Vehicle Walkaround Checks, Stay Compliant, Reduce Costs and Maximise Your Fleet’s Availability

Reduce your fleet costs and keep your vehicles compliant, maintained and roadworthy with Stream’s vehicle walkaround check software and mobile app for drivers.


Complete Vehicle Walkaround Checks in the Mobile App


Build a Detailed Check History for Every Vehicle & Asset


Maximise Fleet Availability, Achieve Compliance & Reduce Costs

Complete Vehicle Walkaround Checks in the Stream Mobile App

Create and manage your vehicle walkaround checks in Stream using any web browser and enable your drivers to effortlessly complete their daily vehicle checks using the Stream mobile app on Android and iOS devices.

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Full Detailed Check History Recorded Against Every Vehicle

Details of every check completed are stored against the corresponding vehicles, giving you the ability to build up a comprehensive vehicle check history and audit trail for your entire fleet.

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Check (Almost) Anything Using Our Template Checks, or Create & Customise Your Own

Checks aren’t limited to vehicles. Create custom checks and check types (checklists) to check any equipment, plant machinery or PPE that your business uses. You can even create a custom check to use as an Accident Report to record the details of any incidents that occur out on the road.

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Export Vehicle Walkaround Checks Reports to Measure Your KPIs

Export Vehicle Check Reports from Stream to analyse your check data against your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and your business targets. You can access even more detailed data and reports about your vehicle checks using our Stream Analytics Add-On.

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“Instant access to vehicle checks, photos and enables us to track repairs through the system. Stream is a very user friendly and easy to install walkaround check system. Would highly recommend.”


Why Stream is Right for Your Business

Stream is a powerful vehicle walkaround checks and defect reporting platform, which helps ensure your fleet is kept roadworthy and minor defects can be identified and reported early to stop them becoming a more serious issue.

As they say, prevention is cheaper than the cure. That’s why Stream aims to reduce your overall fleet costs and scale with your business as your fleet grows.

Reduce Your
Fleet Costs

Keep Vehicles Roadworthy
and Compliant

Scales With You as
Your Fleet Grows

Stream Pricing

Stream is priced on a subscription model and is based on the number of vehicles your company is using. As a result, Stream scales with your business as it grows!


Level Up Your Vehicle Checks

Ready to reduce your fleet costs and keep your vehicles safe and out on the road?

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What Else Stream Delivers

There’s so much more that Stream has to offer, than just real-time order and delivery tracking.


Defect Reporting &

Report defects early before they become a more serious issue, and track them through to resolution

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Vehicle Inspection Scheduling

Never miss another service, MOT or inspection with vehicle bookings calendar and automated reminders.

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Manage Your 
Vehicles & Drivers

Manage details of each of your vehicles and drivers, such as vehicle weight limits and licence details.

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Upgrade your Stream Subscription for a Complete Transport & Logistics Management Platform

Did you know that by upgrading from Stream Check to Stream, you’ll benefit from route planning, route optimisation, electronic proof of delivery and real-time delivery tracking