Mobile barcode scanning and traceability for all of your individual items, orders and deliveries

Stream’s barcode scanning helps you eliminate errors, save valuable time and ensure the right goods get loaded onto the right vehicles and are delivered to the right customers, reducing the number of failed deliveries and redeliveries.


Complete traceability with events created for every scan


Eliminate human error & save time


Compatible with Android or iOS devices

Mobile barcode scanning to reduce human error and ensure the right goods are on the right vehicles and on the right runs.

Stream makes it easy.

Reduce the chances of ‘human error’ with barcode scanning in Stream

When you’re delivering multiple orders on multi-drop runs, it can be easy to make a mistake. Barcode scanning helps ensure that every customer receives the correct goods at every stop.


Events created in Stream every time a barcode is scanned

Every time you scan the barcode on an item/order, an event is created against it in Stream, giving both you and your customer complete visibility of the orders journey. Built around individual line items, Stream is incredibly granular, delivering end-to-end visibility, traceability & auditability.

Boost efficiency and accuracy by scanning goods on and off Vehicles to ensure the right products are on the right vehicles every time.

Scan each item, tote, box or pallet onto your vehicles to ensure every product has been loaded. You can also choose to scan orders in reverse drop sequence and consolidate items for a single scan if they’re in a box, tote or pallet. Scan those same barcodes at the point of delivery to build a complete track & trace audit trail.


Never lose a package as products are scanned through your network with ‘build and break’ barcode scanning

Build boxes, totes, pallets or other containers and scan individual items into them. Scan that single container from one depot to another ensuring only the right products are being trunked through your network before breaking them down in preparation for last mile delivery.

Save time by updating the ‘On-Hand’ date for goods coming into your warehouse so you can schedule deliveries faster

Receiving goods into your warehouse from manufacturers or retailers for onward delivery? Scan goods as they’re unloaded  into your depot to update the ‘On-Hand’ date in Stream, enabling those goods to be made automatically available for planning onto a delivery run in Stream. 


Generate new, or use existing, barcodes to print individual shipping labels

Pull barcode information from your ERP, warehouse, retail or inventory back office systems, or generate them automatically within Stream, and then print shipping labels and apply them to your packages.  

Printing labels for orders in Stream >

Compatible with rugged handheld ePOD devices from Zebra, Samsung & Honeywell

Barcode scanning works on any Android or iOS smartphone which is able to use the Stream mobile app and has a built-in camera. The scanning capability is greatly improved using dedicated, rugged, handheld ePOD devices from manufacturers like Zebra, Samsung and Honeywell, which have advanced scanning engines and are able to operate in the toughest conditions.

Rugged Handheld Devices with Stream >


Why Stream is Right for Your Business

Stream was designed with a customer-first approach, in order to help you offer superior service and grow your brand’s reputation.

You, your customers and your partners all have complete visibility over your orders, as well as being provided with automated updates, all in real-time.

Cut down on paperwork and admin time

Reduce the risk of mistakes and lost paperwork

Get complete traceability of all your orders & deliveries

Stream’s barcode scanning makes it incredibly easy to ensure you have the right orders, on the right vehicles, on the right runs and delivered to the right addresses. Book a demo to see Stream’s barcode scanning in action. 

Stream Pricing

Stream is priced on a subscription model and is based on the number of vehicles your company is using. As a result, Stream scales with your business as it grows!


Level up your operation

Ready for mobile barcode scanning to reduce human error and build a track & trace audit trail of all your deliveries?


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What Else Stream Delivers

There’s so much more that Stream has to offer, than just real-time order and delivery tracking.


Route Planning & Optimisation

Plan, optimise and manage delivery & collection routes, taking into account locations, traffic, total route times, vehicle capabilities as well as many other factors.

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Record electronic proof of delivery time, date, location, signatures, photos & notes

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) and Collection

Drivers can use the Stream Mobile App to capture electronic Proof of Delivery. For example recording signatures, notes and photographs, that are viewable on tracking links.

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Stream offers powerful order management & search and as a result you can quickly find any specific order using a range of search criteria.

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Order & Delivery Tracking for Customers

Customers can track and view their order and delivery status in real-time, receiving updates via email, SMS and on their tracking link at every stage of the process.

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Walkaround Checks & Defect Reporting Built In

Drivers use the Stream Mobile App to complete walkaround checks and report defects. As a result you can identify and resolve problems before they become an issue.

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Back Office Integrations with your Business Tools

Stream has a wide range of existing integrations with popular business tools, or you can alternatively build your own unique integration with access to our Stream API

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Get Even More from Stream

Check out the range of add-ons we have available to help you get even more out of Stream.

Build your own dashboards, reports & KPIs. Digitise more of your paper-based forms. Or even get HGV & commercial vehicle specific turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

Do I have to use barcodes with Stream?

You don’t have to, but you might want to. Barcode scanning can give you complete traceability of goods through the supply chain, as well as reduce the risk of human error mistakes when it comes to loading and unloading.

Using barcodes can eliminate errors, reducing the number of failed deliveries and redeliveries, and ultimately saving you time and money. In short, barcodes make it easy to ensure that the right goods are on the right vehicles and the right runs.

Do I need a dedicated barcode reader?

Not at all! You can scan barcodes and QR codes with any smartphone camera on Android or iOS. Using a rugged, handheld ePOD device with an advanced scanning engine (from manufacturers like Zebra, Samsung and Honeywell) can make it faster and easier to read barcodes, even in the toughest conditions, but for lower volumes a consumer smartphone works just fine.

Will scanning barcodes slow down my drivers?

No — quite the opposite. Scanning each item, tote, box or pallet onto your vehicles ensures every product has been loaded (eliminating lost items). You can also scan orders in reverse drop sequence, so drivers don’t need to search the van for their next delivery item.

Barcodes also reduce the chances of ‘human error’ mistakes, ensuring that every customer receives the correct goods at every stop. For the sake of an extra 0.5 seconds to scan the goods, you’ve saved potential hours of handling missing (or misdelivered) items.

My back-office system doesn’t create barcodes – can I still use them with Stream?

Yes, you can! As well as pulling barcode information from your ERP, warehouse, retail or inventory back office systems, Stream can automatically generate new barcodes and then print shipping labels and apply them to your packages.

Do I need a QR Code reader?

You don’t need a separate QR code App. Stream works with both traditional barcodes and QR codes, and you can scan both using your device’s camera in the Stream mobile app on Android or iOS.