Shahid Latif #StreamTeam update | 28 June 2019 | New features

Hi, my name’s Shahid, I’m the Product Manager here at Stream. As part of that role, I’m involved in a lot of aspects of Stream.

In particular, to help drive it forward and ensure that it continues to benefit our customers through innovative new features. Some of those new features I just wanted to give you a bit of an update on:

Pass-only checks

Pass-only checks, which means that you can now, through the Stream Check part of the solution, you can log checks that aren’t necessarily defects, but you may want to record information, such as:
– The tyre tread for each, for on the vehicle
– Taking photos of the fuel gauge
– The condition of the cabin may be important

So you can record that information and log it against the vehicle on a daily check, for example.

Resource schedule

The resource schedule. We’ve taken a view of all your resources,
plotted them on a bit of a chart.

So it gives you a quick visual as to where your drivers and your vehicles are being used, which ones aren’t being used and then you can quite easily make decisions as to who’s available, who you can utilise and which vehicles can be utilised.

You can pop up the postal codes of the runs along the timeline, so you can see who’s in a particular area on a particular day and potentially give that person extra work or an extra job to do if they happen to be nearby.

User & driver maintenance

The user & driver maintenance function, so we’re looking to do a few more improvements in there before we make it available to all of our customers, so that they can maintain their own users and give them access and control as they see fit, really to put the control back into the hands of our customers.

Hopefully, you’ve found this update a bit interesting, and I look forward to giving you another update very soon, but bye for now & thank you for listening.

For more on pass-only checks
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