Plan The Most Efficient Routes For Your Drivers With Intelligent Map-Based Route Optimisation

Manually planning and optimising your delivery and collection routes can be a real headache – and can be very inefficient.

Surely there has to be a better way?

Stream Go uses map-based planning to intelligently optimise delivery routes, improve efficiency, reduce mileage and streamline your logistics operation.

At the touch of a button, Stream Go enables you to plan delivery and collection routes which take into account all locations, total route times and vehicle capabilities (such as capacity, weight, cube etc.), to quickly make the most of your resources.

You are able to sort unplanned orders, to add orders with the highest service level or the bulkiest items into the delivery route first. The planning screen only shows the driver and vehicle assigned to the current run, hiding the full list until they need to be assigned. Additionally, an icon shows when multiple orders are to be delivered to the same location.

We can even take electric vans and delivery vehicles into account.

Stream Go is not a ‘batch’ engine solution that produces a ‘one-off’ best plan, which you have to either accept it, or leave it.

By applying intelligence and using sophisticated route optimisation algorithms, Stream Go produces the most economical delivery (and collection) routes for your vehicles. 

Stream Go then enables you to use the experience and knowledge of your transport or logistics planner by providing the maximum amount of information in the most intuitive graphical manner.

The route optimisation process is iterative, allowing additions and fine-tuning right up until the time the vehicle leaves (and later in terms of collections).

  • Optimises delivery and collection routes taking locations, traffic, total route times and vehicle capabilities into account
  • Faster and more efficient resource allocation
  • Plan multi-drop, multi-depot and multi-vehicle routes ensuring the best possible utilisation across your fleet
  • Estimate run times, taking the speed variance of specific vehicles or vehicle types into account
  • Optimised routes are made available to drivers through the mobile driver App
  • After an order has been planned, you still able to amend things like the unload time or assembly time, item and quantity, and the on-hand date for orders
  • Easily monitor the progress of delivery routes in real-time, including live traffic on Google Maps
  • Your customers and partners can also track and view the progress of their own deliveries using the customer gateway, meaning that they always know where their order is.

Find out how easy it is to manage your deliveries, vehicles and orders with Stream.

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