Personalised & Branded SMS Text Delivery Tracking


Send SMS Updates Anywhere in the World


Reduce the Number of Failed Deliveries & Re-deliveries

Notifications that deliver

Send SMS notifications with unique tracking links, Estimated Time of Arrival (ETAs) and updates that boost your delivery success rate, create happy customers and increase lifetime value.


Connect with customers right across the world

Deliver lightning-fast and reliable SMS updates to 150+ countries worldwide. Build relationships with every customer at home and abroad.

Customisable events let your customers choose their notification preferences

Customers can choose what types of updates they receive from a selection of events, and can opt-in at the point of order confirmation.



SMS delivery notifications are available as an add-on to your existing Stream subscription.


Drive customer engagement

High open & delivery rates at volume

Effective way to communicate dedicated delivery slots and ETAs

Custom personalised & branded features

SMS is one of the most reliable communication channels available, making it ideal for building relationships with your customers. With an open rate of 98%, SMS delivery notifications help to save some of the £200,000 average annual cost of failed deliveries to retailers.

This add-on enables you to build relationships with your customers and provide an efficient customer service that increases your delivery success rate and boosts customer loyalty in the process.

SMS delivery notifications are only available to existing Stream subscribers.

Add SMS delivery notifications to your subscription

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Stream is a transport and logistics management platform to help you plan efficient delivery routes, capture electronic proof of delivery, provide real-time delivery tracking to customers and manage fleet compliance

Stream Check


Stream Check helps you digitise and manage all of your vehicle walkaround checks, defect reporting, and vehicle bookings to ensure issues are picked up before they become a problem and you never miss another service or MOT.