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Keep Your Vehicles Safe, Compliant & Out On the Road

Stream brings together walkaround checks, defect reporting and vehicle inspection/service scheduling to keep your vehicles safe, compliant and out on the road.

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Reduce Fleet Costs
Maximise Fleet Availability
Minimise Risks
Identify & Report Issues
Track & Resolve Defects
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Walkaround Checks

Complete Walkaround Checks in the Stream Mobile App

Complete walkaround checks in our mobile app to build a detailed check history for every vehicle in your fleet.

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Defect Reporting

Report Vehicle Defects in the Stream Mobile App

Report defects using our mobile app and track them through to resolution in our desktop software to prevent minor issues becoming a more serious problem.

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Inspections & Services

Automate Your Inspection & Service Schedules

Manage your vehicle inspection & service schedules and receive automated reminders when bookings are due.

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Vehicle Management

Easily Manage Every Vehicle in Your Fleet

Record detailed information such as vehicle type, fuel type, fuel efficiency, registration and mileage as well as full check & defect history for each vehicle.

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Driver Management

Easily Manage All of Your Drivers

Capture important information for each of your drivers, such as licence details, licence renewal dates, holiday bookings and more.

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Measure Vehicle Checks and Defects with Easy Reporting

Export detailed reports to measure vehicle checks and defects. Or connect your Stream data to your business reporting tools with our Analytics add-on.


Complete Vehicle Checks in English, French or German.

Manage drivers & vehicles, capture walkaround checks and report defects in multiple languages. Select from English, French or German to make vehicle maintenance easy across Europe, and beyond.

Stream Check features

Stream Check is packed full of features to help you better manage and maintain your fleet to keep your vehicles roadworthy and operational. To learn about our powerful logistics software for companies managing deliveries and collections, check out our full list of Stream features.

Stream Check

A monthly subscription for every fleet size.

Cloud-based, Stream Check gives you all the tools you need to record walkaround checks; report defects; and manage servicing & inspections, maintenance & compliance in one complete system.

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