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Record, manage & schedule your fleet maintenance

Stream Check helps businesses to easily ensure the safety and compliance of their vehicles, plant machinery and assets.

From walkaround checks to defecting reporting; servicing & inspection scheduling and secure, electronic record-keeping.

By combining an easy-to-use mobile App for drivers & operatives with a comprehensive back-office system. Stream Check makes it easy to identify & track defects and issues through to resolution, with a clear chain of responsibility.

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Why choose Stream Check

Reduce Fleet Costs
Maximise Fleet Availability
Minimise Risks
Identify & Report Issues
Track & Resolve Defects
Scalable To Fit


Making it easy for drivers & operators to complete their walkaround checks. And report defects.

Our mobile App makes it quick and easy for drivers & operators to complete multiple checks against vehicles, assets or plant machinery.

Capture and record any number of customisable check or inspection types: walkaround checks, pre-use & first use checks, handover checks or end-of-use checks. You decide what information needs to be captured, against which vehicles and when.

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Discover & resolve defects before they become a problem. Keep your fleet operational.

Close the loop between walkaround checks, defect reporting and their resolution with specific roles and responsibilities for drivers & operators, maintenance personnel, operational staff and senior management.

Stream Check provides a robust and efficient process to ensure that major and minor defects are identified, reported and resolved quickly with the minimum of disruption to your service.

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Never miss another service or inspection with automated notifications.

Take the headache of manually planning maintenance, service, inspection & renewal schedules away with Stream Check.

Set up schedules for every asset in your fleet quickly and easily – and receive automatic notifications & reminders when they’re due.

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Go paperless. Keep & manage all your fleet & driver information in one place.

Digitally store whatever information you like on your entire fleet: vehicles, trailers, plant machinery or other assets, including payloads, capacities, weights, MOT & insurance due dates and driver / operator licence requirements.

You can also store information about your drivers and operators including licence information, skill sets, training and a history of the checks they’ve carried out.

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Not limited to just walkaround checks. Customise and check just about anything.

There’s no need to limit yourself to just walkaround checks. Create and customise your checks to meet your own requirements.

Capture checks (and report defects) on equipment and assets with the Stream Mobile App – Check anything from wood chippers and chainsaws to safety rigging, PPE and ladders – plus anything in between.

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Understand your fleet better. Data to help manage day-to-day operations more effectively & drive long-term improvements.

Connect Stream Analytics to the BI Tool of your choice: Google Data Studio, Power BI, & Tableau to name a few to get secure and easy access to your data so you can gain insight into your fleet management operation and deliver improvement. 

Alternatively, take advantage of our self-service data export to create your KPI reporting in Excel.

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Complete vehicle checks in English, French or German.

You can manage drivers, vehicles, and defects and drivers can capture walkaround checks (and report defects) in multiple languages.

Select from English, French or German to make vehicle maintenance easy across Europe, and beyond.

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Stream Check features

Stream Check is packed full of features to help you better manage and maintain your fleet to keep your vehicles roadworthy and operational. To learn about our powerful logistics software for companies managing deliveries and collections, check out our full list of Stream features.

Stream Check

A monthly subscription for every fleet size.

Cloud-based, Stream Check gives you all the tools you need to record walkaround checks; report defects; and manage servicing & inspections, maintenance & compliance in one complete system.

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