Collect proof of delivery, complete vehicle checks & communicate with drivers – without worrying about device failure out on the road.

Whilst there is no question that the use of a Mobile App for drivers can increase productivity, improve customer service and reduce costs, there is some concern that consumer smartphones aren’t robust enough, can’t be locked down or their batteries are unable to last a complete shift.

Rugged handheld delivery devices, combined with Stream for electronic proof of delivery, provide the perfect solution for your logistics and transportation operation.


Mobile App for ePOD & Walkaround Checks


Track & communicate with drivers


Quickly, easily & reliably scan barcodes

Giving you access to the very best handheld ePOD devices for your drivers

Rugged handheld ePOD devices (often referred to as mobile computers by the manufacturers) are designed and built for specific work environments with safety, productivity and security in mind.

Built to last, all day, every day.

These devices are built to survive even the toughest environment, whether out on the road or in the warehouse.

They can survive multiple drops, tumbles and careless handling. Their batteries will last for an entire shift without requiring charging.


Superior performance even in difficult conditions.

They’ll scan barcodes faster, even when they’ve been poorly printed or damaged, or they’re sitting under shrinkwrap or scanned in lower light conditions such as the back of a van.

Just the sort of conditions your drivers operate in every day.

Drivers need reliable devices at all times, these rugged handhelds deliver exactly that.

When compared to consumer devices, they provide superior specifications where it really matters.

The devices we recommend come with advanced enterprise-grade features: integrated barcode scanners, high-definition cameras, excellent wireless connectivity, powerful processing capabilities, and replaceable battery packs.

Zebra TC26 rugged handheld ePOD device

Zebra TC26

Move beyond consumer-grade smartphones with Zebra’s TC26. Look no further than the rugged design features built into a consumer smartphone package price point with always-on reliability that keeps your drivers connected.


Zebra TC27

Zebra TC27

The Zebra TC27 builds on the highly successful TC2x Series to deliver smartphone styling and pricing with big business features that will help your operation gain a competitive edge in your field. 


Zebra TC5 Series

Billed as the ‘ultimate rugged mobile computer’ the Zebra TC57, TC58 & TC53 boast impressive drop and tumble specifications; IP65 and IP68 sealing; fast barcode scanning and Zebra’s Mobility DNA tools to deliver superb workforce productivity – and a handheld device your drivers will love using.


Enquire About a Rugged Handheld Device

Talk to us about which rugged handheld ePOD device can support your delivery and logistics operation.

Selecting the right handheld device for your logistics operation.

Choosing the wrong handheld device can not only frustrate your drivers, it can also reduce productivity, increase costs and can, potentially, lead to safety risks.

When it comes to selecting the right mobile device for your logistics operation, you’ve basically got three choices…


Devices purpose-built and designed for specific work environments.


Opt for less expensive consumer devices, such as smartphones.


Allow your drivers to use their own smartphones and other mobile devices.

Looking for other hardware options for your logistics operation?

We partner with two of the UK’s leading distributors of rugged devices designed specifically for logistics & transportation businesses. Looking for other handheld device options for your drivers? Alternative manufacturers? Printers and other hardware? Just let us know your requirements.

Hardware for your logistics operation.
Handheld devices from the leading manufacturers.

Zebra Rugged Mobile Devices


Considered by many (and us) to be the gold standard when it comes to rugged handheld devices (and other hardware), Zebra is a brand you and your drivers can definitely depend upon.

Advanced integrated scanners, robust and durable design features, intuitive interface, device security and a whole range of enterprise-grade mobility tools make Zebra the first choice for logistics businesses.


Honeywell’s range of ePOD devices are fitted with integrated barcode scanners, high-definition cameras and simple sign-on-glass technology, drivers and operators can quickly, easily and accurately collect the required information.

Their Android-based devices provide all the ease-of-use of a consumer smartphone, with added functionality that brings them to enterprise device standard.

Honeywell ruggedised mobile Android scanner devices

Combine rugged handheld devices with Stream to improve your logistics operation

You can download and use the Stream Mobile App on any of the Android handheld devices we’ve featured above.

But what about Stream? From planning and optimising delivery (and collection) routes, to electronic proof of delivery, barcode scanning, order & delivery tracking to walk around checks and defect reporting, Stream gives you everything you need to manage your logistics operation more efficiently and effectively.


Route Optimisation & Scheduling

Plan, optimise and manage delivery & collection routes, taking into account locations, traffic, total route times, vehicle capabilities as well as many other factors.

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Update customers about their delivery in real-time

Give Customers the Information They Need

Keep customers up-to-date with the status and location of their own order, whenever they need it, with tracking links sent via proactive email and SMS notifications.

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Stream offers powerful order management & search and as a result you can quickly find any specific order using a range of search criteria.

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Walkaround Checks & Defect Reporting Built In

Drivers use the Stream Mobile App to complete walkaround checks and report defects. As a result you can identify and resolve problems before they become an issue.

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Track All Your Vehicles, Drivers and Orders

Follow the progress of your drivers, vehicles and orders on the day of delivery, allowing you to proactively engage with customers whenever there’s a delay.

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Back Office Integrations with your Business Tools

Stream has a wide range of existing integrations with popular business tools, or you can alternatively build your own unique integration with access to our Stream API

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Get Even More From Stream

Check out the range of add-ons we have available to help you get even more out of Stream.

From building your own dashboards, reports & KPIs to digitising more of your paper-based forms.

Why use an ePOD device instead of a consumer smartphone?

For some operations, a consumer smartphone might be the right tool for the job. But for those who need a more robust (drop-proof, spill-proof, and temperature-proof) solution, who need to lock-down the device, or who require extended battery power, an ePOD device is probably a better fit.

Do I need an ePOD device to scan barcodes?

Not necessarily. An ePOD device can scan barcodes faster than a consumer smartphone — even when the barcode has been poorly printed or damaged, is under shrinkwrap, or is being scanned in low light conditions (such as in the back of a van). If drivers are only scanning the occasional, well-printed barcode though, a consumer smartphone will do the job.

How much data does an ePOD device require?

As standard, we recommend 1 gig of data per month as a minimum to run Stream (whether that’s on a rugged ePOD device or a consumer smartphone), though the exact amount will vary depending on your individual operation and requirements.

How long will it take my drivers to learn to use an ePOD device?

Not long at all — if they can use a consumer smartphone, they can use a rugged ePOD device.