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  • Step 2: Book and attend your live, online demo of Stream
  • Step 3: Our team will set up your Stream account and support you throughout your trial to help you see how Stream excels at the effective management of drivers, vehicles, orders deliveries and collections.

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Call us about a demo: 0333 358 3877
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*Free trials do not include Stream being integrated with another system, i.e. Unleashed, Mintsoft or Xero. We can discuss options during your demo if integration is essential during your trial.

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What to expect on your Stream demo:

Here’s everything that you’ll learn in just one hour on your Stream demo:

  • Introduction to Stream and logging in
  • Creating, uploading and managing orders
  • Creating runs, adding orders to runs and optimising routes
  • Creating & sending customer notifications
  • Real-time customer tracking links (URLs)
  • Routing info for drivers in the Stream mobile app
  • Capturing electronic proof of delivery
  • Order, vehicle and driver tracking
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Pricing and next steps

What our subscribers are saying:


“Stream gives us the ability to be 100% on top of our orders with the real time data available quickly and efficiently. It has vastly improved our customer service.”

Kid’s Avenue

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“If you want a superb transport management solution, with an energetic and dynamic approach to development and solution delivery, genuinely look no further.”


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“Stream has been very easy to implement within the business, and the support provided by the sales, support and product development teams has been faultless and a very personal experience.”

Maker & Son

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