Plan the most efficient routes with intelligent map-based route planning & optimisation

Optimise your delivery routes, improve efficiency, reduce mileage and streamline your logistics operation with Stream’s map-based route planning. 

Plan the most efficient and economical delivery (and collection) routes for your fleet taking into account all locations, total route times and vehicle capabilities (such as capacity, weight, cube etc.), to quickly make the most of your resources. 

Take advantage of the experience and knowledge of your transport planners by giving them the information they need to fine-tune routes right up until the time the vehicle leaves (and later in terms of collections).


Reduce your route planning time


Solve & optimise complex routing challenges


Manage multi-depot, multi-drop & vehicle routing


Empower your Transport Planners with the tools they need


Transform your operation with a modern, cloud-based system


Real-time visibility of your entire logistics & transportation operation

Looking to optimise delivery and collection routes for faster & more efficient resource allocation across your fleet?

Stream makes it easy.

Automatic route planning & optimisation to manage your delivery & collection routes.

Manually planning and optimising your delivery and collection routes can be a real headache and be very inefficient.

Stream uses map-based planning to intelligently optimise delivery routes, improve efficiency, reduce mileage and streamline your logistics operation.


Empower your planners to build the best possible routes for your vehicles & drivers

With Stream, your transport planners don’t have to make do with systems that just deliver a one-off plan. Stream produces the most economical delivery/collection routes for your vehicles and gives your planners the ability to make changes and fine-tune routes right up until the vehicle leaves (and even after that for collections).

Single or multiple depots, multi-drops and mixed fleets. Stream optimises routes for all.

Whatever your operation, Stream can handle it. Plan multi-drop, multi-depot and multi-vehicle routes ensuring the best possible utilisation across your fleet. Plan and manage all vehicles, drivers and depots in a single view with the ability to plan deliveries and collections for individual / single depots or manage your entire operation from one central function.


Create, review & re-optimise your fixed routes or milk runs when you add / remove customers

Stream enables you to run fixed routes on a recurring basis to consolidate collections & deliveries giving you the opportunity to offer frequent collections and/or deliveries with your suppliers or customers, so you don’t have to wait for a full load. You can re-optimise those routes easily as you add or remove customers from established milk runs  – and add individual deliveries and/or collections that are near or on those routes.

Trunk stock between depots for efficient movement of goods through your network and final mile delivery

Once an order has been allocated to the most convenient depot for final delivery, you can move those goods from one warehouse/store/depot to another (and across multiple depots if required) using a trunk run, while keeping full visibility over your inventory at all times.


“Stream makes sure that all delivery routes are planned efficiently and making the best use of our fleet.”

Pacific Foods

Streamline your logistics processes & warehousing requirements with cross-docking

Cross-docking your goods (moving them directly from inbound to outbound vehicles) can speed up the end-to-end delivery process. Customers receive their goods faster (particularly useful for perishable, temperature-controlled or other time-sensitive goods), while you save the resources spent on storing inventory and minimise goods handling for your team.

Map-based route planning & optimisation that gives you & your planners greater flexibility

Stream’s map-based route planning and intuitive interface gives you and your team even greater flexibility and visual cues. Quickly plan and then optimise a group of orders, plan overnight stops in multi-day runs, and optimise drops and/or collections for each day independently with autoplan and drag & drop functionality. Use the area drawing tool to select multiple orders straight from the map, while colour-coded location pins (which you can customise to suit your business) highlight specific order types.


Schedule drivers and vehicles with visual, calendar-based views of availability

Enable more efficient resource utilisation and make fast, dynamic decisions about driver and vehicle allocation. See critical information like the last drop time, location, and planned working hours at a glance in one central place so you can make fast, dynamic resourcing decisions across your entire logistics operation.

Giving your planners all the right tools to effortlessly manage even the most complex logistics operation

Planning routes and loads is a hugely complex job. Stream gives your transport planners the tools to optimise your fleet operation, including visually highlighting a delivery associated with a specific collection, or a multi-leg delivery associated with a collection; product icons & classifications to quickly identify specific items in an order;  drag & drop orders for optimisation… the list goes on.


“We have been using Stream for a couple of years now and the way we are kept updated with our routes is better than any other delivery software.”

Sanctuary Bathrooms

Compare multiple planned routes on a single map

Make sure you’re planning the most efficient routes and making the best use of both your driver’s time and your vehicle’s mileage — and cut your business costs in the process. View up to ten routes on the map simultaneously. Compare planned routes to spot (and re-route) unnecessary overlaps, and identify (and add) any unplanned orders located along your routes.


Plan routes for electric vehicles, cargo bikes & other ‘green’ vehicles

Vehicles with alternative drivetrains pose some unique routing challenges. With Stream, transport planners can take vehicle range limits into account, ensuring their vehicles can complete scheduled deliveries & collections without running out of charge on the road.

50% discount on Stream subscriptions for electric vehicles, cargo bikes and other vehicles with alternative drivetrains.

Why Stream is Right for Your Business

Stream was designed with a customer-first approach, in order to help you offer superior service and grow your brand’s reputation.

You, your customers and your partners all have complete visibility over your orders, as well as being provided with automated updates, all in real-time.

Cut down on planning and admin time

Make the most efficient use of resources

Reduce mileage & overall time to delivery

Stream makes it incredibly easy to gather the information you need about every delivery or collection, giving you real-time visibility of your entire delivery operation.

Stream Pricing

Stream is priced on a subscription model and is based on the number of vehicles your company is using. As a result, Stream scales with your business as it grows!

Level up your operation

Ready to cut down on planning time and improve the efficiency of your delivery routes?


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What Else Stream Delivers

There’s so much more that Stream has to offer, than just real-time order and delivery tracking.


Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) and Collection

Drivers can use the Stream Mobile App to capture electronic Proof of Delivery. For example recording signatures, notes and photographs, that are viewable on tracking links.

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Update customers about their delivery in real-time

Give Customers the Information They Need

Keep customers up-to-date with the status and location of their own order, whenever they need it, with tracking links sent via proactive email and SMS notifications.

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Stream offers powerful order management & search and as a result you can quickly find any specific order using a range of search criteria.

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Walkaround Checks & Defect Reporting Built In

Drivers use the Stream Mobile App to complete walkaround checks and report defects. As a result you can identify and resolve problems before they become an issue.

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Track All Your Vehicles, Drivers and Orders

Follow the progress of your drivers, vehicles and orders on the day of delivery, allowing you to proactively engage with customers whenever there’s a delay.

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Back Office Integrations with your Business Tools

Stream has a wide range of existing integrations with popular business tools, or you can alternatively build your own unique integration with access to our Stream API

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Get Even More from Stream

Check out the range of add-ons we have available to help you get even more out of Stream.

Build your own dashboards, reports & KPIs. Digitise more of your paper-based forms. Or even get HGV & commercial vehicle specific turn-by-turn GPS navigation.


How does route optimisation work in Stream?

Optimising your delivery routes in Stream is as simple as loading all of the stops onto your run and then clicking the ‘Optimise’ button. This will then plot the stops into the most efficient sequence, helping you to reduce your driver’s total mileage and time spent out on the road.

Can I plan collection routes in Stream?

Yes! Planning routes for collections works exactly the same as planning routes for deliveries in Stream, it’s simply a case of a different ‘Order Type’ being used to distinguish that the stop requires a collection rather than a delivery. You can also plan collections onto the same runs as deliveries and even have a collection and delivery at the same stop using a ‘Multi’ Order Type.

Can I plan delivery routes for HGVs, Trucks, and Lorries?

Stream uses Google Maps for delivery route planning, which does not factor in vehicle dimensions or restrictions. However, by adding our Turn GPS add-on to your Stream subscription, your drivers can receive vehicle-specific turn-by-turn navigation based on the vehicle they’re using, to every stop on their run.

What mapping software does Stream use to plan routes?

Stream uses Google Maps to help you visualise the planning of, and calculate, your delivery routes. Once the runs are sent to your drivers, they can use various GPS navigation apps to receive mobile navigation to each stop on the run, including Google Maps, Apple Maps, Turn GPS and CoPilot.

What is Route Optimisation Software?

Route optimisation software helps logistics managers to plan the most efficient run for their drivers. Route optimisation software takes all stops into account to plan the fastest and most fuel-efficient route.

Can I plan manual delivery routes in Stream?

Yes! You absolutely can plan manual routes in Stream. You simply load the stops onto your run and drag and drop them into the sequence you want them to be performed. Once that’s done, you can hit the ‘Route’ button which will calculate the delivery slots based on the sequence you have created.