Smart, Rugged Devices for Logistics, Transportation & Warehousing

Capture electronic proof of delivery, track and communicate with drivers, ensure vehicles and are roadworthy, safe & compliant, and reprint labels on-demand with the Stream driver mobile App on ruggedised Android Zebra devices, mobile computers and mobile printers.

Both the Stream Go mobile driver App for Proof of Delivery capture and the Stream Check Driver Daily Walkaround Check App can be used by drivers and operators on any Android device.

Whilst there is no question that the use of a driver app can increase productivity, improve customer service and reduce costs, there is some concern that smartphones may lead to driver downtime, thanks to breakages or battery failure.

Rugged ePOD (electronic proof of delivery) devices from Honeywell and Zebra may provide the perfect solution.


Honeywell devices are designed and built with safety and productivity in mind.

With ruggedised devices, many of which are shatterproof, scratchproof, splashproof and dustproof, with impressive drop and tumble specs, and operational ability in extreme temperatures and humidity. Optional extensive replacement warranties are also available for Honeywell devices.

Honeywell’s ruggedised handheld mobile devices are a great solution for capturing ePOD and/or walkaround checks. With devices fitted with integrated barcode scanners, high-definition cameras and simple sign-on-glass technology, drivers and operators can quickly, easily and accurately collect required information.

No matter whether staff or out on the road or in the warehouse, Honeywell devices have excellent wireless connectivity. Honeywell offers Android-based mobile devices, with all the ease-of-use of a consumer smartphone, but added functionality that brings them to enterprise device standard.

Honeywell also offers a range of other devices perfectly suited for transport, logistics, warehouse and retail, including ruggedised mobile label and barcode printers, handheld barcode scanners and vehicle-mounted devices. Honeywell’s connected solutions can give you safety intelligence in real-time, increased worker productivity, and data-driven insights to enrich operational intelligence.


Zebra devices are built to be durable.

Many of the devices are waterproof and can survive a 5-foot drop onto concrete, with shatter- and scratch- proof display (thanks to Gorilla Glass screens) and replaceable battery packs that can give up to 14 hours life. The devices also come with an optional five- or three- year no-quibble replacement warranty.

Not only are the Zebra devices built to last, they are also perfectly suited to capturing ePOD and / or walkaround checks.

Devices are fitted with a superior barcode scanner, as well as a 13-megapixel camera and the ability to collect signatures, making collecting electronic proof of delivery quick and accurate.

Zebra devices also feature excellent wireless connectivity and processing power, for optimum productivity. Devices can be used just like a consumer smartphone, running on the Android operating system. Apps can be downloaded from the play store, and Zebra offers the ability to lock down and remotely manage devices to just essential business functionality during specific hours, keeping drivers focussed on the task at hand.

For drivers on the road, and operatives in the warehouse, Zebra’s mobile printers offer a way to quickly and easily print and reprint barcode labels.

Using ruggedised, wearable devices to print labels means that clear, barcoded labels can be produced wherever and whenever you need them, improving the speed and accuracy of your delivery management function, with the improved track and trace functionalities afforded by ensuring goods can be scanned and recorded at every stage.