Paul Rufus #StreamTeam update | 07 June 2019

Good afternoon, and welcome to Friday’s Stream Team update.

As you can see, I’m not Dave Pickburn. He’s given me the responsibility, or the honour, of doing today’s update from a very wet, very grey and very miserable Cheltenham.

Dave’s organising the #StreamTeam summer party which hopefully the weather will be a little bit better tomorrow, but welcome to the English summer.

Before I introduce a couple of new bits of functionality that we’re putting into Stream next week, I thought from, purely from a marketing perspective, I’m really looking forward to attending HyperGrowth London with my colleague Zoe Pickburn, which is taking place at The Old Billingsgate in London and this has been organised by Drift, who we’ve been using on our website.

The little live chat widget that pops up and you can see my face for radio when you visit the Stream website. But it’s been a fantastic tool for us, to enable us to talk and have conversations with prospects and other people visiting the website, who just want to find out a little bit more about Stream and how it can help their business.

I am a huge fan, which gives me – or produces – quite a lot of ribbing within the Stream Team. But anyway…

In terms of new bits of functionality in Stream:

We’ve got a new resource schedule that’s going live next week, and that’s within Stream Go, which gives a visual, calendar-based overview of driver & vehicle availability within operations, just to make sure that businesses can manage their resource allocation and utilisation a little bit more effectively.

Also, we’re putting in a little bit of extra features & functionality at line-item level, enabling companies to add notes & instructions there.

That’s it from me, hopefully, Dave won’t mind me doing another
Friday update at a later date, but I’m sure Dave’ll be back next week.

Thanks very much – bye bye!

For more on the resource schedule & adding notes at line-item level.


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