Paul Rufus #StreamTeam update | 05 July 2019 | Reviews, customer experience & exceptional deliveries

Hello and welcome to a very sunny Cheltenham. I’m Paul Rufus and I’m going to be doing the Stream update for this week.

Now, I’m going to focus on an industry report published by Brightpearl, who are one of Stream’s partners, in conjunction with TrustPilot.

They’ve been looking at the emergence and the importance of reviews within the retail sector.

They’ve noticed that 46% of shoppers check reviews before making an online purchase, and that two-thirds of shoppers are likely to leave
a negative review following a bad experience.

One of the lines within the report from Derek O’Carroll, the CEO of Brightpearl, kind of had a bit of resonance with me, in terms of – and I’ll read it straight from the report here –

“Every customer who leaves feedback is now an influencer, and every potential buyer is ready to be influenced”

It kind of got me thinking about how Stream, and how the delivery experience, actually kind of fits into that overall customer experience.

In some respects, and particularly for pure-play eCommerce providers, the actual person that delivers your product to your door can be the only face-to-face contact between the brand and the consumer.

Making sure that that whole process, not only from how somebody finds the site, navigates, chooses the product, pays for it, and chooses the delivery mechanism, but then how that order is processed afterwards and the experience that consumer has, from the moment they place that order, to actually getting that delivery, is really really important.

Also, kind of tying that in with one of the little fireside chats that was at Drift Hypergrowth between David Cancel & Brian Halligan, who are the respective CEOs of Drift and of Hubspot. One of the things that they were saying is that the best experience (and this is in a very very competitive & flooded market for marcomms technology).

Saying that the best experience in the market is going to win and that the user experience is the last great differentiator in the market.

I think that’s important, tying that back with that report from Brightpearl and with Stream and that delivery experience.

Thanks very much. Bye bye!

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