Dave Pickburn #StreamTeam update | 24 May 2019

Hi! Its Dave from Go2Stream & Proximity, just a quick update on my week:

I’ve been in London with a big prospect with Teletrac Navman.

We’ve got a big customer going live next week with Stream, so lots to do there.

We’ve got our new server going in over the weekend, into the Manchester data centre, with Optimus.

Just wanted to make people aware as well, that we’ve implemented a new free checklist, that you can download from our website and print out and use for your drivers’ daily checks.

It helps with safety and maximises the in-service time for your fleet. The ideal tool, of course, is an app and we have that with Stream Check – just get in touch if you want to know more about that.

It’s nice and sunny here, hope it stays that way. Have a fantastic bank holiday weekend!

Download the free driver daily walkaround checklist
For more on Teletrac Navman
For more on the Stream Check App


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