Quick Overview of Stream Go

This video introduces Stream Go, our delivery, logistics & transport management software. Stream Go gives you:

  • Easy integrations
  • Intelligent route optimisation, planning & scheduling which can be local or centralised
  • Monitor resources, drivers & vehicles for every depot in a single view
  • Orders can be automatically allocated to a depot and goods can easily be trunked between depots
  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Mobile driver app
  • Proactive updates
  • Delivering excellent customer service

Stream is cloud-based and accessed via the internet using a browser on any device. Integrate with Brightpearl, Veeqo, Sage, Infor, or import data from Excel. Stream Go also integrates seamlessly with Stream Check.

Route planning, optimisation & scheduling: delivering exceptional customer service

Route optimisation is powered by Google Maps. View orders, delivery dates & status and quickly search & find any order.

Emails or tests are sent to customers with a tracking link. They can accept or reschedule the delivery time, and the ETA is available to view.

You can view vehicle positions versus routes, and view live traffic. You can also get email notifications, and see status updates in real-time.

A wall-mounted progress monitor gives an at-a-glance overview of current orders & runs. It runs on a TV and continually refreshes.

Emails or texts are sent with a tracking link. Customers can accept or reschedule their slot.

Electronic / mobile POD & driver App

Capture proof of delivery using the driver app, available on Android and Apple, as well as on Zebra’s ruggedised Android devices.

In the app, drivers collect signatures, notes and photos, scan bar coded goods – all stamped with time and date, as well as accurate GPS-location. Once routes are planned & confirmed goods can be loaded onto the vehicle.

The driver can launch Google Maps to navigate their run.

Track vehicle positions versus routes. Get notifications & status updates in real-time. Delivery tracking is updated in real-time & the Electronic / mobile proof of delivery is available online.

When the goods have been delivered, the driver can continue on their run.

Order management and search

View orders, delivery dates and status. Quickly and easily search and find any order.

Easy integrations

Easily integrate any number of back office systems (for example accounting, warehouse, inventory, ecommerce & omnichannel retail management software) using a number of different methodologies including Stream’s RESTful web service API.