Keeping track of vehicle, fleet and asset maintenance can be hard. That’s why we built Stream Check – the app and software that:

  • Makes daily walkaround checks easy (so drivers actually check their vehicles)
  • Helps you manage defects through to resolution (so issues are fixed before they become a real problem)
  • Automates service and schedules (so you never miss a booking)

and so much more.

But you might not be ready for a comprehensive system like Stream Check. We’ve created a number of free example templates, that fleet and transport managers can use to start the process of vehicle, fleet and asset maintenance.

Example templates included in your bundle

Walkaround Check Sheet & Defect Report Templates

This is where it all starts. Whether you are managing HGVs, Vans, PSVs, other assets, or a combination, daily walkaround checks are essential.

Stream Check takes a three-step approach to daily walkaround checks and defect reporting:

  • Record daily pre-use checks on each vehicle – whether or not there are defects – for a clear paper trail of vehicle health. This could be done on a paper checksheet but using an app also allows you to record accurate time and location stamps,
  • Report any defects. Reporting defects as soon as they are discovered gives you a clear chain of responsibility. Defect reporting can be done face-to-face, but using an app means that management and/or maintenance teams are notified as soon as the defect is discovered – not whenever the driver returns to the office.
  • Resolve defects quickly – and get vehicles back out on the road. You can resolve all defects on an ad-hoc basis as-and-when they are reported. For bigger fleets though, using a system like Stream Check allows maintenance teams to ‘triage’ defects, so major defects are prioritised and minor defects can be scheduled for resolution at a convenient time. Close the loop between defect discovery and resolution by tracking vehicle defects through the system until the vehicle is once again signed off as roadworthy.

Fleet Maintenance Schedule Template

In addition to daily checks, vehicles require regularly scheduled maintenance – like MOTs or service bookings.

For simple date-based bookings (like an annual MOT), track maintenance schedules in a spreadsheet or on a calendar might be easy enough. But what happens when you need to juggle multiple schedules for multiple vehicles?

Other service bookings may be based on time (every 12 weeks) or mileage (every 10,000 miles) – whichever comes first. An automatically populated system like Stream Check can streamline the process – and even send you reminder notifications when it’s time to book in a service.

Equipment & Vehicle Asset Register Template

How do you keep track of all your vehicles and assets? An asset register gives you a proper record of each vehicle and piece of equipment you need to manage.

Centrally record vehicle details like registration, VIN, payload capacity and the licence required to operate it. Quickly find and access that information whenever you need to. You could also manage your vehicles and assets as well as maintenance schedules and service history, all in a single system.

Driver details management template

As well as managing vehicles and assets, you need to be able to quickly access and produce drivers’ licence and employment information.

Centrally record driver details so you can find them in one place. Using a dedicated system for driver management can also allow you to configure training and CPC requirements for your specific vehicles, get notifications when certificates require renewal and even manage driver availability.

Fleet Mileage Record Template

This example fleet mileage record template gives you a simple and easy way to keep a record of weekly mileage for every vehicle in your fleet. Use this sheet template to record the vehicle and its’ weekly mileage and annual mileage allowance, and then use that information to calculate annual and weekly mileage allowance for each vehicle.

Transport Manager CPD reflection log template

This Transport Manager CPD reflection log template gives Transport Managers way to make the most of any training or CPD they undertake, by keeping a self-reflection log of any lessons learned and reflecting on how the training could apply to their organisation.

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