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For businesses delivering furniture or appliances into people’s homes, doing a walkthrough of the property is essential – especially if you offer a white-glove or room-of-choice delivery service.

A property walkthrough lets your drivers or crew identify and mitigate any potential risks, hazards, or access issues. It gives you a record of drivers having assessed any initial risk, should they be injured.

It also ensures that both your driver and your customer agree on the initial state of the property. It acts as a proof-of-condition document, recording any existing damage to the property.

Should any issues arise, they can be quickly resolved. For example, if a doorframe has a scrape in the paint, the driver can record this in the property walkthrough form. Should the customer later complain about the scrape, you have proof that it was pre-existing in the property, and the dispute can be quickly resolved.

We’ve made a free property walkthrough template that you can print and use to manage the process of property walkthroughs at the point of delivery.


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