Working Towards DVSA Earned Recognition Compliance

Part of the criteria and application process for joining the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Earned Recognition pilot scheme is for operators to have a digital management system in place for vehicle maintenance.

Building on the core features in Stream Check, such as the vehicle walkaround checks App; defect notifications and management; and fleet maintenance management, we are working on being a DVSA-approved fleet management software system.

Although Earned Recognition currently only applies to O-Licence operators, Stream Check allows all operators, including those without HGVs, ensure they run their fleet to the very highest compliance standards.

What is Earned Recognition?

Earned Recognition provides O-Licence operators to share their compliance data with the DVSA digitally.

Although the Earned Recognition scheme is voluntary, it is very much part of the DVSA’s commitment to the move towards digital systems rather than a reliance on paper-based compliance. Digital systems will help the DVSA to identify the compliant from the non-compliant in a more efficient and transparent way.

Sharing this data (and maintaining compliance) will result in fewer roadside stops and inspections for those operators in the scheme. For the DVSA, it means they can concentrate their resources on the roadside with those operators that continually fail to comply.

Those operators who achieve Earned Recognition will be subject to less intervention from the DVSA, reduced compliance costs, fewer time-consuming roadside inspections and the opportunity to use their Earned Recognition marque as proof of continual monitoring of compliance.

In order to be eligible for the scheme, operators will need to:

  • Have held an O-Licence for a minimum of two years
  • Have had no regulatory action taken by a Traffic Commissioner for at least two years
  • Embed effective and proactive transportation management in their organisation through digital systems, policies and procedures.

Once those criteria are in place, operators will need to be audited through one of the DVSA’s approved third party suppliers. Operators will then need to supply digital KPI reports to the DVSA on a monthly basis highlighting any areas where they have failed to comply.

Operators must use a DVSA-approved fleet management software system to record data and report their KPIs. We are working to be one of the DVSA-approved systems.

What are the 5 vehicle maintenance KPIs?

  1. Complete set of safety inspection records
  2. Safety inspection records are completed correctly, including all relevant sections and signed off as being roadworthy
  3. Safety inspections are completed within the stated frequency
  4. Driver defect reports where road safety related items have been reported are appropriately actioned
  5. Vehicle & Trailer MOT initial pass rates