We’ve already covered basic introductions to delivery and transport management systems and ePOD (electronic proof of delivery).

In this post, you can find out exactly what transportation (or transport) management software is – and how it can help your business.

What is transportation management software?

Transportation management software is a system that helps you to manage the logistics of your drivers, vehicles, orders and deliveries (runs).

In Stream Go’s case, our software helps streamline the delivery and collection process for businesses who have their own vehicles.

Key features of a transportation management software system:

  • Intelligent logistics planning and route optimisation – the logistics planning and route optimisation functionality (and especially the new automated load planning) is really key to transport management in Stream Go. Easily plan routes, taking factors like vehicle capacity, driver availability and service levels into account automatically.
  • Mobile driver app – transport routes are then sent (automatically) direct to driver’s devices in the Stream Go mobile driver App, keeping everyone in the loop about planned routes, and letting drivers know exactly where and when they should be making each stop on their route. The is also used to capture ePOD (electronic proof of delivery and collection), so information about each final delivery is recorded and stored.
  • Proactive email & SMS updates and self-service customer gateway – another key group of people to keep in the loop about transport management planning is the end customer. Whether you’re planning transport to businesses or direct to consumer, automatically keeping customers informed about their delivery time keeps them happy, as well as minimising missed deliveries and calls to your customer service team.
  • Progress monitor – back in your planning office or warehouse, everyone can stay up-to-date and informed about the progress of current deliveries at a glance with the Stream Go progress monitor. Designed to be displayed on a smart TV on the wall (like an airport departures board) the Progress Monitor is continually updated with transport information.
  • Vehicle checks and maintenance – Stream Go integrates seamlessly with Stream Check to manage the safety, maintenance and compliance side of transportation management. With a driver daily walkaround check app and back-office system that tracks defects through to resolution, Stream Check ensures that your fleet is always roadworthy.
  • Order and inventory management – Stream Go also integrates with inventory and retail management systems like Brightpearl, Sage 50 and Veeqo, to make your transport management system a holistic end-to-end process from order through to delivery.

How transport management software can help your business

If you are managing orders, vehicles and drivers in your own fleet of vehicles, manually managing that transport logistics process can be overwhelming.

That’s where Stream Go comes in.

Stream Go makes your transport management process more efficient, freeing up the time of your back office and planning staff. Stream’s route planning capabilities reduce time on the road for vehicles and drivers, proactive notifications minimise queries from customers, and real-time driver tracking makes queries easy to respond to when they do come up.

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