Next day delivery for retailers with their own vehicles

We’re taking part in a webinar about fulfilling the next day delivery promise, with leading omni-channel retail management software provider, Brightpearl and our customer LOFT Interiors, who provide a one-stop furniture solution for the residential property industry on Thursday 22nd February at 2pm GMT.

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Most retailers and businesses managing their own logistics and making deliveries using their own vehicles believe that the next day delivery promise is out of reach.

For furniture retailers especially, next day delivery can be daunting and challenging.

With the cost and complexity involved in managing distribution from order through to delivery in under 24 hours, many businesses are reluctant to make a next day delivery promise that they’ll struggle to keep. Offering next day delivery at a competitive price can seem unsustainable.

But there’s no getting away from the fact that next day delivery is fast becoming the norm (over 50% of UK consumers prefer next-day delivery), and retailers who can’t meet that demand are likely to suffer, even in sectors (like furniture or kitchens & bathrooms) that haven’t traditionally been able to offer it. Customers expect next day delivery, and not offering it could harm your reputation, and make it hard to compete with the likes of Amazon.

The good news? Retailers managing deliveries in their own fleet can absolutely achieve a streamlined, efficient next day delivery option using Brightpearl and Stream Go.

Not only that, those businesses have also significantly improved their customer service by supporting staff on the front line of customer service in the delivery chain, offering customised delivery options (and then fulfilling those options well), and keeping customers informed throughout the delivery process.

By using Brightpearl to optimise their order and inventory management, integrated with Stream to optimise delivery routes, automate customer notifications and communicate with drivers on the fly, LOFT Interiors are able to fulfil the next day delivery promise, efficiently and effectively.

Brightpearl is a cloud-based ERP for omnichannel retailers, distributors and wholesalers. They can manage orders, inventory, warehousing and accounting in a single, reliable retail management system.

Stream Go logistics software has a close integration with Brightpearl, offering an end-to-end, order-to-delivery management system, which is quick and simple to implement.

LOFT Interiors fulfil and deliver 100-200 UK orders daily, with next day deliveries being a key component of their customer offer.

Join Brightpearl, LOFT and Stream on Thursday 22nd February at 2pm GMT to have all your next day delivery questions answered and learn how your business can efficiently provide next day delivery without impacting profit margins.