STREAM’s consumer tracking has had an update. The consumer tracking screen is the area in STREAM that allows end customers and businesses to view key information about the status of their delivery or collection.

STREAM’s developers have been hard at work, improving the consumer tracking screen, to offer those end customers a better user experience.

STREAM stands out as the logistics software with a focus on customer service and the consumer tracking screen is a key customer touch point during the order-to-delivery process. By making improvements to this area, we are able to improve the overall customer experience by providing all the information they need about their delivery, when they need it, in a format that suits them.

The improvements to the tracking screen offer you the ability to give customers a truly connected, seamless experience, fully equipped with all the information they need about their delivery. This helps more than ever to free up the time and resources of your customer service team, as query calls are reduced. The risk of missed deliveries is minimised, as customers can be clearer than ever on their expected delivery time, and are empowered to quickly and easily contact your team where there is a likelihood of missed delivery, due to incorrect addresses or unsuitable delivery time.

The key features of stream’s new consumer tracking screen

Mobile responsive

The consumer tracking is now optimised for use on mobile, so customers can view the status of their delivery on whichever device suits them best. As the screen is accessed via a browser, customers are able to view it on any mobile device, desktop, laptop or tablet, with an internet connection.

View delivery details

Customers can view details of their delivery in the consumer tracking screen, including expected delivery time and order status. they can even view the location of their delivery on a map. All of this information can now be viewed on a smartphone.

Flexible communication features

When customers receive a notification they can view the details of their order via the consumer tracking screen. You can decide whether to give customers a set delivery time or to allow the customer to accept or request a reschedule of their delivery time. Customers are also able to send messages directly to your team from the tracking screen.

Click to print

Customers can download and print order summaries and ePODs (electronic proof of delivery) from within the tracking screen, at the touch of a button. This means that they don’t need to contact your team to receive records, should they require a PDF or hard copy of the information.


Another change to the consumer tracking screen is the ability to brand with your own logo, phone number, and email address, which makes it easier than ever for customers to contact you directly with issues and queries.

Ultimately, the consumer tracking screen is just one part of the order-to-delivery process, but it is often the customer’s final point of communication before receiving their delivery.

This means that a responsive screen, providing all the information required by customers in an easy-to-access format, can make a world of difference to overall customer experience, resulting in satisfied customers, who are less likely to contact your team looking for information, and more likely to recommend the service to others.