Electronic Proof of Delivery and Collection

Accurate ePODs in Real-Time

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Easy access to ePODs for everyone

STREAM provides easy, accurate and up-to-date electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) for everyone involved.

Information is gathered via the driver mobile app, and is made available through a link on the tracking page, can be attached to emails, and are available for internal use as well.

Electronic proofs of delivery include as much relevant information as required. This can encompass:

  • Appropriate logos and contact details
  • Order details
  • Location details
  • Single or multiple collections and deliveries
  • Full history:
    • Date, time and GPS locations
    • Goods damage or other order issues
    • Delivery issues
    • Photos
    • Signatures
    • Barcode scans
  • Current status

This means that queries and disputes are much less likely, and can be solved quickly and easily when they do occur, resulting in happier customers.

Why electronic proof of delivery and collection is important

Traditionally, proof of delivery has been collected on paper forms, before being transported back to the office and filed. Collecting proof of delivery on paper is a pricey, slow,
time-consuming and often innaccurate method.

Paper proofs of delivery are easily lost and damaged. the time it takes to return them to the office usually results in a lengthy invoicing cycle, and can make it difficult for a back-office team to respond promptly to questions from the customer. No images are captured, making it easy for customers to raise issues and for disputes to drag on and become either a costly way to satisfy customers or a quick way to lose customer loyalty.

Collecting ePODs removes that costly and messy paperwork (and the administrative costs associated with it), giving customers clear visibility of their orders, and giving a fast and clear-cut resolution to potential disputes.

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