As a business making your own deliveries with your own vehicles, how do you differentiate from the competition? Customer service is the key – and logistics management software like STREAM can support staff on the front line of customer service in the delivery chain, to provide better customer service, without stretching resources.

Retailers delivering small, low-value, high-stock items are able to differentiate their delivery offering on speed, offering next-day or even same-day delivery, as well as click-and-collect. But the next-day delivery hype just doesn’t fit for for some retailers. Delivering bulky items with long lead-times, that require expert installation (items like kitchen and bathroom suites, and even furniture, like sofas, beds, and wardrobes) clearly cannot happen on a same-day, next-day or click-and-collect basis.

The underlying principle though of differentiation by delivery remains the same. Differentiate with excellent customer service. Delivery is a key part of the customer service offering – often (in the digital world of ecommerce and online retail) one of the only times in the buying process that a customer will interact face-to-face with a person.

Delivery is, therefore, not just a means to an end. Delivery management is no longer a question of moving Item A from point B to point C, but has actually become an essential moment to connect with your customer. Studies have repeatedly show the connection between great service and repeat custom, for example this study from Carson Research reports an increase in the likelihood of a repeat purchase, when customer service is rated as “good” or better, of up to 32%, generating customer loyalty, and that loyal customers may be up to 54% more likely to refer a company to others. Clearly, customer service matters, and customer service at the point of delivery, is crucial.

How to differentiate on delivery with logistics management software

  • Rarely need to answer the question “where is my delivery?”…
    proactive email and SMS updates, as well as a simple tracking screen, where customers can watch as their delivery is driven to its destination, mean that back-office staff can spend much less time fielding basic delivery queries.
  • …But always able to answer quickly and accurately
    Combining in-flight driver-tracking with electronic proof-of-delivery, and a cloud-based system that syncs information back to the office in real-time, means that when customers do call to inquire about a delivery, the answer is always at your fingertips – no more frantically calling the driver to ask where they are!
  • Equip drivers with all the information they need
    The STREAM driver app gives drivers everything they need, all in one place, with no chance of lost, damaged or misfiled paperwork. From delivery locations and estimated times, to an ePOD system with prompts to capture a signature, as well as photographs of the installed undamaged item (or capture details of any damage or other issues right there-and-then), as well as the option to message or call customers directly, if needed. Our driver daily walk around check app ensures that drivers are completing and recording their daily walkaround checks, too.
  • Solve disputes and issues quickly and clearly
    Thanks to the STREAM driver app, electronic proof of delivery is recorded and stored in the cloud for as long as you need it. With electronically captured images and signatures that are time- and location- stamped, disputes are resolved with clarity.
  • Automated post-delivery communication
    Once delivery is completed, an email notification is automatically sent to your customer, including delivery details like time and location, signature and photos, as well as a link to the tracking screen. This can include a pdf download, if your customers require a printed version, and can even include a link to collect feedback, share their successful delivery on social media, or direct customers back to your online store for a repeat purchase.
  • Integrations with inventory and order management software
    Integrations with omnichannel inventory and order management software like Brightpearl and Veeqo, gives customers a streamlined process, from order to delivery.

We understand the challenges involved with offering delivery and installation of large items, with your own fleet of vehicles. Differentiating your offering with excellent customer service is essential, and delivery is a key part of that. Find out how logistics management software like STREAM will support your customer-facing delivery team, and enable you to easily offer excellent customer service throughout the delivery process by booking a 1:1 demo, at a time to suit you.