A Powerful Mobile Driver App for Electronic Proof of Delivery

Available on any consumer-grade Android or iOS mobile device or on Zebra rugged mobile devices, the Stream Go mobile driver App enables operatives to run through their daily schedule; capture electronic Proof of Delivery (including signatures, photos and optional barcode scanning); and automatically records GPS locations for real-time driver tracking information.

If Stream Check is also implemented, drivers are also required to have completed their safety checks before the can access their jobs for the day.

The App updates in real-time where ever a mobile or WiFi signal is available. If one is not available, the App stores data locally on the device, synchronising as soon as it comes back online.

  • Routes are planned and optimsed in Stream and assigned to drivers.
  • Drivers can see their workload for the day on the mobile app, including whether or not the customer has confirmed their delivery slot and full descriptions for all items on the delivery list.
  • Drivers can perform their daily walkaround checks with Stream Check.
  • Tracking information is automatically sent to Stream throughout the day.
  • Drivers receive updates to their routes or deliveries.
  • Drivers can call or text directly from the app.
  • Drivers deliver or collect goods, for each item on a delivery they capture:
    • As many photos as they need
    • Signatures
    • Barcode information
    • Details of any damage
    • Details of any delivery issues
  • Everything is time, date and GPS stamped.
  • Based on the information returned, Stream can:
    • Update status information
    • Generate alerts
    • Track drivers and vehicles
    • Continually refine estimated time of arrivals
    • Generate electronic Proof of Delivery.

Stream Go mobile driver App helps improve customer service

Real-time information collected through the App enables ETAs, driver location, order statuses and proof of delivery details are continually updated – and visible online.

Proactive notifications and warnings can be triggered, based on the latest updates coming back from the App. Your customer service staff, for example, have a clear view of what is happening throughout the day and can be altered of any issues and take immediate action to mitigate and problems from escalating.